How to get to Hualien from Taipei & Where to Stay in Hualien

Hualien on the East Coast of Taiwan is an underrated scenic region with lush mountains and a stunning coastline. It is the perfect road trip destination for anyone who adores the beauty of nature and outdoor activities.  

As Hualien County covers a vast area beyond Hualien City, I will separate this post into Things to Do in Hualien and Hualien City. This article also covers how to get to Hualien from Taipei, Hualien food, and hotels.  

If you have more than three days in Taiwan, venture out to the gorgeous East Coast Taiwan:

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East Coast Taiwan: 25 Reasons to Visit Hualien | Things to Do & Eat, Where to Stay, How to Get to Hualien From Taipei | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel

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How to Get to Hualien From Taipei

Taipei to Hualien by Air

The easiest and fastest way to get from Taipei to Hualien is to take a flight. The Uni Air flight from Songshan Airport to Hualien takes about 50 minutes and costs about NTD 900 (roughly USD 30). Songshan Airport is much smaller than Taoyuan International Airport, and it’s super-efficient to fly in and out. Book your Taipei to Hualien flight here.

>> If you are trying to make a day trip from Taipei to Hualien, the only way I recommend is by taking this tour with a roundtrip flight from Taipei.

Taipei to Hualien by Train (TRA)

Unfortunately, Hight Speed Rail (HSR) does not travel through the mountainous East Coast. 

Taking a train from Taipei to Hualien is the most popular and scenic way to travel. The express trains (Taroko Express or Puyoma) take 2 1/4 hours and cost NTD 440 (one-way). The regular trains cost less at around NTD 280 – 340 (one-way) but can take 3-4 hours. Taipei to Hualien is a popular route that is often sold out on weekends or holidays, so be sure to book your tickets early.

Check Hualien to Taipei train schedule & Book your tickets here (English). Or, use this app (Chines only).  

Taipei to Hualien By Car

Driving from Taipei to Hualien can be a scenic journey. I would recommend it if you plan to make a road trip from Taipei to the Northeast Coast (Keelung – Yilan) to Hualien. You can rent a car from Taipei. But if you rather sit back and fully enjoy the scenery, I recommend hiring a private car charter service 

Taipei to Hualien By Bus

​Fom Nangang Bus Station, take UBus to Hualien Train Station. It takes you to Hualien in about 3 hours without transferring. 

From Taipei City Hall Bus Station, take 1570A Holiday Express to Luodong (Yilan), then transfer to 201A to Hualien Station.

How to Get around Hualien

The East Coast of Taiwan is not easily accessible by public transportation. I recommend taking a train to Hualien and renting a car from Hualien Station. You can also rent a scooter from Xincheng Station(close to Taroko Gorge) or from Yuli Station (close to Hualien City). If you are not an experienced driver in Taiwan, you can also consider chartering a private car. There is no Uber available in Hualien.

Things to Do in Hualien

9 Best Taroko Gorge Trails for Beginners (Taroko National Park in Taiwan) | 2. Zhuilu Old Trail | #ZhuiluOldTrail #TarokoNationalPark #TarokoGorge #HikingTravel #TravelTaiwan

#1. Taroko Gorge

If there is one thing you should not miss out on in Hualien, Taroko Gorge is it. Taroko National Park is a group of incredibly gorgeous mountains with plunging marble canyons carved by turquoise water streams. The magnificent view of Taroko Gorge never fails to impress travelers to Taiwan.

Taroko National Park offers diverse trails ranging from scenic walks to mountaineer hikes to match everyone’s fitness level and interests. The best part is that all of these tracks give you access to pristine nature.

I highly recommend exploring Zhuilu Old Trail, which features absolutely stunning marble gorge views from a soaring cliff. (Read my complete guide to Zhuilu Old Trail and how to secure a hiking permit >>)

If you prefer an easy and scenic track, check out my favorite hiking trails in Taroko Gorge for beginners >>. You can even drive up to some of these.

Taroko Gorge Tours

​If you are on a time crunch, joining a half-day or day tour is an excellent way to make the most out of Taroko National Park. Public transportation is VERY limited and inconvenient inside the park. So you are killing two birds with one stone.

>> Take this Hualien & Taroko Day Tour with a roundtrip flight from Taipei to maximize your precious time to hike Taroko trails and marvel at the pristine nature.

>> Hop on a Private Charter Car Tour of Taroko Gorge from Hualien. Pick your own spots chauffeured by an experienced driver or have him/her take you to the uncrowded hidden sites.

>> Join this Taroko Gorge Day Trip from Hualien Train Station. Get awed by the incredible marble gorge from the Swallow Grotto, Cimu Bridge, and Eternal Sunshine Shrine. Swing by the Qixingtan pebble beach (#6 below).

>> Select one of two Taroko Day Trip itineraries to discover the beauty of Taroko National Park.

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East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Things to Do & Eat, Where to Stay, How to Get to Hualien From Taipei | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel

Qingshui Cliff | Image Credit: Ball Myers from Unsplash

#2. Qingshui Cliff

Qingshui Cliff is one of the Eight Wonders in Taiwan, designated by the Taiwan Government. It is the only place in the island country to see three different blue colors of ocean. Driving through the 5km road carved on a marble cliff will offer a spectacular view on a sunny day! 

Location: [Open Google Map]  

>> Paddle along the Qingshui Cliff to see the gorgeous coastline. Catch a spectacular sunrise in the morning with Qingshui Cliff Kayaking.

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Xincheng Old Street | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #TaiwanFood

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Xincheng Old Street | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #TaiwanFood

#3. Xincheng Old Street

Xincheng is a little town near Taroko National Park. Xincheng Old Street is a historical area with retro vibes. It’s a small spot but worth spending an hour or two. Eat at one of the cozy restaurants and look around retro shops.

Location: [Open Google Map] 

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | ATV at Manbo Beach | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #TaiwanBeach

#4. ATV tour at Manbo Beach

​Driving an ATV along the beach looked so cool on Baywatch, didn’t it? (Any 90’s kids?) You don’t have to be a lifeguard to get to ride one in Hualien. Just head over to Manbo Beach. You can join an ATV group tour to do the cool tricks on the sand safely.

Another fun part? You get to take Instagram-worthy photos. The tour companies already have an outdoor studio set up with all the props. 

#5. Paragliding in Hualien

​If you enjoy outdoor activities, Hualien is the best place in Taiwan to enjoy pristine nature in many different ways. Paragliding is one of them. Why not appreciate lush green mountains and emerald ocean all at once from the sky? If you dare, this paragliding experience offers a spectacular view over Huadong Valley from 680 meters above.

>> Hey, who am I kidding? I’d rather be in the water than in the sky. If you are like me, river rafting in Hsiukuluan is an alternative adrenaline-driving activity. June through August is the best time.

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Qixingtan Scenic Beach | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #TaiwanBeach

#6. Qixingtan (Chisingtan) Beach

Qixingtan (also spelled Chisingtan) is an iconic sight of East Coast Taiwan. The beautiful stretch of the Pacific Ocean with mountains in the background is a dramatic scenery that will make your trip unforgettable. The azure Qixingtan is one of the best beaches in Hualien; however, swimming is forbidden as the current is very strong. Instead, you may join all others in pebble stacking here.  

Location: [Open Google Map]  

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Starbucks Container Store | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #Starbucks

#7. Starbucks Shipping Container Store

​I like to visit Starbucks concept stores, and this shipping container store fits the bill. The building made of stacked shipping containers presents unique architecture.

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Starbucks Container Store | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #Starbucks

Starbucks souvenir collectors also will love its limited-edition goods only available at this store. (Although not a collector, I bought the cup, too!) The window seats are in high demand, so be ready to wait a bit for the table and coffee.

Hours: 9 am – 9 pm

Location: [Open Google Map]

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Haraku Sea Cliff: Instagram-worthy scenic cafe | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #HualienCoffee

#8. Hayaku Sea Cliff

Not a Starbucks fan? Then, check out this Oceanview cafe on the hilltop. Hayaku Sea Cliff is definitely a place to take Instagram photos. I have to admit some of the props here are tacky. Whether you like to snap pictures or not, you can’t really complain about the view. 

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Haraku Sea Cliff: Instagram-worthy scenic cafe | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #HualienCoffee

Park the car on the street and walk up the hill. Purchase the admission ticket (NTD 100) to enter, which you can redeem for drink or food. (They don’t want you to come to just take photos and leave.)  

Hours: 9 am – 9:30 pm

Location: [Open Google Map]  

Insider’s Tip: If you rather have a quality meal, try this seafood restaurant. This local restaurant on the cliff serves excellent local delicacies. And the Oceanview from the top is a bonus.

#9. Farglory Ocean Park

Farglory Ocean Park is a marine theme park your kiddo might be interested in visiting. Located next to Hayaku Sea Cliff, this 51-hectare theme park houses rollercoasters, flume rides, and other attractions. It hosts dolphin shows and marine creatures (sea lions, otters, etc.) in its impressive aquarium. Get your Farglory Ocean Park tickets here. 

Location: [Open Google Map]

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Whale Watching | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel

#10. Whale Watching

The Kuroshio current brings a diverse range of fish in the Pacific Ocean along the East Coast. It creates a marine ecology for whales and dolphins to reside. More than 20 different species of cetaceans are observed near Hualien. (Taiwan is home to 31 out of 90 species in the world!) 

The peak season for whale watching is from May to September, with 80-90 percent success rates. Whale watching cruise departs from Hualien or Shitiping Harbor and costs around NTD 800-1,000 for a 2-3 hour tour.​

>> Discover Taiwan’s rich whale and dolphin habitat. Book Hualien Whale Watching Cruise here. Hotel pickups are available. 

#11. Liyu Lake

Liyu Lake (鯉魚潭), or Carp Lake, sits just south of Hualien City at the foot of Liyu Mountain. The largest inland lake in the region used to be a habitat for carp, hence the name.

The serene lake is about 104 hectares in size and encircles 4km. To enjoy its scenery, you can walk a full circle (takes about an hour), ride a bicycle, go picnic or camping in the area, or even paddleboard or Canoe on the water.

Location: [Open Google Map]

Insider’s Tip: If you visit Liyu Lake Recreation Area, be sure to stop by this super famous papaya milk shop. It is made with fresh milk from nearby Ruisui Pasture without adding sugar, water, or ice. 

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Sugarcane Ice | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #HualienDesserts #TaiwanFood

#12. Sugarcane Ice Dessert

You might have had a fair share of shaved ice in Taiwan. But until you have this Sugarcane Shaved Ice, you haven’t had it all.

Fengchun is a super famous shop that serves sugarcane ice dessert with a wide variety of toppings. It is a bit out of the way yet totally worth stopping by, especially if you are visiting Liyu Lake or passing through the Shoufeng train station. I only had once but I still think about it. You won’t regret it.

 Hour: 10:30 am – 4 pm (Wed: 9 am – 5 pm)

Location: [Open Google Map]

#13. Jiqi Beach (Jici Beach)

​Along the beautiful Coastal Highway 11, Jiqi Beach (磯崎海灘) is the best swimming beach in Hualien. It is also the only beach in Taiwan with fine black sand. And let’s emphasize the sand because there is only a handful of them on the East Coast. It is also a popular place for water sports such as surfing or Standup Paddleboarding.

Location: [Open Google Map]

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Guangfu Sugar Factory | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel

Guangfu Sugar Factory | Image Credit: Taiwan Tourism Bureau Website

#14. Guangfu Sugar Factory

Back in the days, the Guangfu Sugar Factory (花蓮觀光糖廠) used to be the major sugar manufacturing center in East Taiwan. In recent years, Taiwan Sugar Corporation decided to cease its 80 years of operation and turned it into a recreational center. It is now known as a tourist destination where visitors can try 30 different naturally flavored ice creams and see a row of well-preserved Japanese-era historic architecture. You can spend a night at the Hualien Sugar Factory Hotel [Book here] as well.

Location: [Open Google Map]

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Qinbuzhizi Old Road | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel

#15. Qinbuzhizi Old Road

Qinbuzhizi Old Road (親不知子海上古道) is a short skywalk along the seaside cliff. The cliff walk partially features a see-through glass floor. The entire trail takes 10 minutes to walk. So decide yourself if it’s worthwhile to visit with admission. I probably wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to visit. But if you have time and it is on your way to #16-18 below, you may make a pit stop. Finding the entrance from the highway is super tricky, so peel your eyes open.

Admission: 50NT for parking, 40NT per person for entry

Hours: 9 am – 5 pm

Location: [Open Google Map]

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Xinshe Rice Terrace | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel

This dog just came by himself, had a good back scrub, patrolled around, and went home. He knows how to live, I guess.

#16. Xinshe Rice Terrace

Xinshe Rice Terrace is a scenic coastal rice field with straw sculptures. Located at Coastal Highway 11, the rice paddies turn golden in June. 

Rice dances along with the ocean breeze; green mountains and blue sea as a backdrop make it an attractive photo spot. I wish I was blessed with more friendly weather on my visit, but I promise it is a much prettier sight on a sunny day.   

Location: [Open Google Map]

>> Xinshe Rice Terrace is at the southern edge of Hualien County. Take this East Coast tour starting from Hualien Train Station. A comfy shuttle bus stops at worthy scenic spots (including Xinshe Rice Terrace and Shitiping) along the picturesque coastal route.

#17. Shimen Cave

Shimen Cave (石門洞) is a door-shaped stone cave created by coastal erosions. This Instagram hot spot earned its fame from a scene in Martin Scorsese’s film “Silence.” Hike down a short stair trail to enjoy the extraordinary view.

Location: [Open Google Map]

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Shitiping Makotaay Artist Village - Aboriginal Cuisine “Salt-Baked Fish” | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #TaiwanFood

#18. Shitiping

Shitiping (石梯坪) is a coastal scenic spot featuring a rocky landscape. Campers here get to see the dramatic sunrise above the cloud in the morning.

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Shitiping Makotaay Artist Village - Aboriginal Cuisine “Salt-Baked Fish” | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #TaiwanFood

Although I had to miss this scene, I enjoyed my visit to Makotaay Artist Village in the area [Open Google Map]. The place not only has a gorgeous view and Instagram-perfect setting, but also had the best salt-baked fish (a local delicacy) I ever had in all East Coast! 

Location: [Open Google Map]

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Chikeshan Daylily Festival | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel

Chikeshan Daylily Festival | Image Credit: My friend Stella Choo

# 19. Chikeshan Daylily Festival

Hot summer days are the Daylily blossom season in Chikeshan in Yuli Township. The sea of golden blooms on the mountain presents a picturesque view that will make you wonder if you are in Taiwan or Swiss. The buds of Daylily are edible, so you may see farmers pluck them before they bloom. Be respectful of the farmers and their crops as they are not wildflowers you can randomly pick. The best time to see full blossoms is August and September.

Location: [Open Google Map]

Taipei Itinerary: What to do in Taipei for 3 Days | Planning a trip to the capital city of Taiwan? Experience the best of Taipei in 3 days with this detailed insider’s guide. See local restaurant and hot spot suggestions by a Taiwan resident. | #Taipei #Taiwan #TaipeiItinerary #TaipeiThingstoDo #TaipeiTravel

Heading to Taipei?

My Taipei Guide includes an itinerary to see the highlights in just three days – including six historical places in Taipei, best pineapple cake shops in Taipei, and a day trip idea.

Things to Do in Hualien City

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Hualien Cultural and Creative Park | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel

#20. Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park

In Taiwan, you may see many factories and warehouses in the old days converted into a cultural and creative park. Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park (花蓮文化創意產業園區) is one of them located in the city center. What used to be a rice wine factory now is the center of events, exhibitions, and artist studios situated in a 3.3-hectare park. However, if you visit during the weekdays, nothing much is going on; you may still get to see the reminisce of the wine factory’s old glorious days and 26 historical buildings, though (see the photo below).

Location: [Open Google Map]

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Hualien Cultural and Creative Park | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel

#21. Pine Garden

After a slightly disappointing experience at the Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park (#19), I decided to skip Pine Garden (松園別館). However, I wanted to keep it on the list in case you are interested in visiting a heritage building. This historical house is a former military site during the Japanese occupation. It is called Pine Garden because of 60 pine trees more than a hundred years old on the ground. 

Hours: 9 am – 6 pm

Location: [Open Google Map]​

#22. Dongdamen Night Market

Hualien City is a small laidback town, yet the food scene is exciting. For example, Dongdamen Night Market is a sizable and vibrant market with a wide variety of food. And it is the most organized and cleanest of its kind I have ever been to in Taiwan.

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Dongdamen Night Market | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #TaiwanFood

This seafood grill bar [Open Google Map] decorated with shell lamps caught my eyes. As much as decorations, the food did not disappoint me. I loved its fresh seafood with special green sauce. The chef/owner was super friendly, too.

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Dongdamen Night Market | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #TaiwanFood

The grilled corn across the bar [Open Google Map – I don’t think this location is accurate. Just look for the bar above] is also popular. You first choose the type of corn (chewy or hard), they weigh and you pay. You get a number and wait for it to be grilled in an inferno. When your number is called up, you go pick it up. The wait can be 30-60 min. So I suggest you order your corn first and head to the seafood grill bar. You might have to check on your corn once in a while.    

Location: [Open Google Map]

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Wantang Soup | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #TaiwanFood

#23. Eat Wantang Soup

Why wantang soup in Hualien? Well, simply because there is a famous dumpling shop. How good? A former president of Taiwan paid his respects to this humble establishment, and many more ever since.

When a restaurant has one menu only, it is not joking. This dumpling shop simply serves wantang soup and that’s what everyone will get. The dumpling skin is silky and thin yet does not break. Clean broth with celery and fried shallot is perfection with a sprinkle of peppers.  

I highly recommend trying Daiji’s wantang soup for breakfast. It will be the best 70NT you will spend for a bowl of wantang soup (cash only). There is a line before the store even opens. But the tables turn over fast.  


Hours: 10 am – 8 pm (Closed on Wednesday)

Location: [Open Google Map]

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Peeled Chili Pepper (剝皮辣椒) | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #TaiwanFood

#24. Buy Peeled Chili Pepper

Do you like a little kick in your meal? If yes, you will love Taiwan’s peeled chili pepper (剝皮辣椒). I may describe it as a Taiwanese version of pickled jalapeño in a jar. The green chili peppers are deep-fried to peel its skin, deseeded, and pickled in soy sauce – sometimes camomile oil (茶油) is added. 

Taiwanese food in general is a bit bland for my Korean palate. But peeled chili pepper chicken soup (剝皮辣椒雞湯) satiate my craving for a hot spicy soup in winter. I also enjoy eating peeled chili pepper as a side dish or even stick a few in my sandwiches. 

Peeled Chili Pepper is Hualien’s specialty. Although you may find this everywhere in Taiwan, the quality is not always guaranteed. When in Hualien, be sure to bring home a few jars to add some spice to your life!

As you walk around town, you will see many stores. I bought a few jars from Jinpin. They claim to be the original store, which I cannot verify for you. However, I could tell the quality is excellent when I cooked peeled chili pepper chicken soup at home. 

Jinpin (金品醬園剝皮辣椒)

Hours: 9 am – 10:30 pm

Location: [Open Google Map]

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Hualien Pastry (花蓮薯) | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #HualienDesserts #TaiwanFood

#25. Buy Hualien Desserts

In Taiwan, each city is known for some specialty pastry: Taichung for Sun Cake, Taitung for mochi, Penghu for Brown Sugar Steamed Cake, etc. 

Like Taitung, Hualien’s mochi is a popular souvenir. You will see many mochi specialty stores in the city center, near train station and airport (e.g., Amis Mochi). You may try a sample and decide which brand you want to buy. 

As an advocate of Taiwanese sweet potato, I would like to introduce a sweet potato cake, called Hualien Pastry (花蓮薯). This one shop I found has a variety of tasty sweet potato and taro pastries. I wanted to try all, but some were sold out. Nevertheless, the varieties I tried were much tastier than the ones I bought near Hualien train station. I also liked their ribbed cardboard boxes for gift packaging. If frozen, the self-life can be extended much longer than two weeks at room temperature.

Wei Lan Shu Dao (洄瀾薯道)

Hours: 9 am – 9 pm

Location: [Open Google Map]

READ MORE | Don’t leave Taiwan without tasting its famous pineapple cakes! Find the best pineapple cakes in Taiwan >>

#26. Hualien Dessert Cafes

Unless Starbucks has any unique selling point (like #7), I admit that I rarely choose to go. Even the container architect might not convince some of you, either.

East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Giocare Cafe | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #HualienCoffee

If that’s you, check out Giocare Cafe [Open Google Map]. Sip an impeccably executed coffee and have a bite of pound cake in a charming backyard. The house inside is a pottery studio and coffee roastery. That means, your coffee will be presented in a beautifully designed mug. I give 10 for ambiance and 10 for coffee.


East Coast Taiwan: Hualien Travel Guide | Frontière Française, the French patisserie | #Hualien #TravelTaiwan #AsiaTravel #HualienDesserts

Got a sweet tooth? Head over to Frontière Française [Open Google Map]. By the impression of Hualien, you would not expect any fancy French desserts. I had lowered my expectation of western desserts by living in Taiwan for five years, but this French patisserie took me by surprise. Definitely worth your visit.

Where to Stay in Hualien

Hualien Hotels in City Center

Chateau de Chine Hotel Hualien is a polished, upscale hotel with a colorful block-like facade. This 4-star hotel brand is known to be family and Muslim-friendly.  

Kadda Hotel is a sleek boutique hotel with an outdoor swimming pool near Beibin Park Beach. Its Oceanview suites are equipped with bicycle racks, which makes this hotel popular among cyclists taking on the East Coast by bike.

HotelDay+ Hualien is conveniently located near Hualien railway and bus stations, lined up with stores selling local food and snacks. Hotelday+’s rooms range from standard to deluxe doubles with a hot spring bathtub. The hotel also offers complimentary bicycle rentals. 

Rose Garden (花蓮玫瑰民宿) is a cozy homestay in Hualien for budget-minded travelers. Its spacious rooms are so bright and homey that you will feel at home. Complimentary bike rentals are offered. 

Hualien Taroko Gorge Hotels

​If Taroko Gorge hiking is the highlight of your Hualien trip, I highly recommend staying in or near Taroko National Park. Check out my recommendations in another post. 

Hualien Scenic Hotels

Near Qixingtan (#6 above)

See these beachfront properties with a gorgeous view, Qixingtan Xinghai B&B or Bayview B&B.

Near Hayaku Sea Cliff (#8) and Farglory Ocean Park (#9)

Ocean Lover [Open Google Map] is an Instagram-popular lodging with an oceanview bathtub.  

Where to Go Next in Taiwan for Nature Lovers

>> Taroko Gorge National Park: A hiker’s dream destination with a magnificent marble gorge view from a soaring cliff

>> Sun Moon Lake: A Picturesque Alpine Lake near Taichung

>> Penghu: Taiwan’s Underrated Hidden Gem Island

>> Xiaoliuqiu Island: Swim with Sea Turtles

>> Juming Museum: A mountaintop sculpture park with the famed Juming’s artworks

>> Wulai Hot Springs: A secluded aboriginal village tucked in a mountain famous for hot spring

>> Beitou Hot Springs: An urban retreat only a stone’s throw away from Taipei

Bon Voyage!