Best Hot Spring in Beitou: Which Private or Public Bathhouse to Choose?

Beitou Hot Spring is one of the best Taipei day trip destinations. In a stone’s throw away from the bustling city, Beitou is an urban retreat, where you can immerse yourself in Taiwan’s hot spring culture and fully recharge your tired body and soul.

While soaking in hot spring might come first to your mind, Beitou has quite a few cultural heritage sites and vista points totally worthy of your time. (Others are not so much, which I will tell you later.) Fortunately, they are clustered in the hot spring area and can fit into your day trip itinerary.

This guide covers the best hot springs in Beitou and helps you decide the best option for you: Beitou private hot spring vs. public hot spring. Besides dipping in the thermal water, I will also give you ideas for other things to do in Beitou.

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Beitou Hot Spring Guide: Best Hot Spring in Beitou (Private vs Public Bathhouses) & Other Things to Do | #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouThermalValley #BeitouLibrary #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

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Beitou Hot Spring | #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouThermalValley #BeitouLibrary #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

Beitou Hot Spring

Beitou is nestled in the foothills of a dormant volcanic Yangmingshan (or Mt. Yangming). Underneath this Datun volcanic range is Beitou hot spring, the largest cluster of hot springs in Taiwan. 

However, it was not until the Japanese colonial period that Beitou (“Hokuto” back then) was first recognized as a hot spring destination. Following the opening of the first hot spring hotels, such as Songtaoyuan and Tiangouan in 1896, Beitou hot spring tourism started to boom. Development of public bathhouse, park, station, and the children’s amusement park followed. For the Imperial Japanese Army, Beitou became the place to heal their wound. 

In 1905, Japanese scientist Yohachiro Okamoto first discovered hokutolite, a mineral stone containing the radioactive element radium, in Beitou Thermal Valley. Only Beitou in Taiwan and Tamagawa Hot Spring in Akita, Japan possess this kind of mineral. (But don’t worry, it’s safe to soak in this water.)

As the Japanese introduced hot spring tourism to Taiwan, Taiwan follows Japanese onsen etiquettes. (READ: Japanese Ryokan & Onsen Etiquettes) In fact, Beitou reminds me of small towns in Japan

Beitou hot spring comprises three types of water: Green sulfur, white sulfur, and iron sulfur:

Green sulfur is said to treat chronic skin diseases, relieve muscle aches, and promote metabolism. Beitou Thermal Valley, the main source of Beitou Stream, descends the green sulfur water. 

White sulfur is slightly acidic at PH 3-4. It is a milky white color with a slight sulfur scent. The water makes skin smoother and softer, enhances blood circulation, improves arthritis and muscle aches. 

Iron sulfur is reddish-brown, potable, and suitable for bathing. Some proponents believe that iron-sulfur spring can strengthen our body’s immune system. (But I have not seen any Beitou hot spring facilities using iron sulfur water.)

Warning: If you are pregnant or have existing health conditions such as high blood pressure and heart issues, you are advised not to use hot springs for your own safety. If you have any contagious diseases such as skin rashes and respiratory infections, please avoid hot springs. When in doubt, consult your doctor.

Beitou Private Hot Spring 

Best for:

  • Couples or families who want to relax together in private.
  • Anyone who feels uncomfortable going entirely naked in public.
  • Anyone who prioritizes hygiene and privacy over affordability.
  • If you don’t want to prepare anything.

What to Bring: Nothing really, except your tired body and soul to be rejuvenated.

Insider’s Tip

  1. May I suggest bringing body scrub (like this) and sheet masks (like this) to have your own spa time
  2. If you have long, thick hairs like me, consider bringing your trusty hairdryer. (I hate overpacking but now I travel with my Dyson hairdryer. A life-changing hairdryer I cannot live without, I must add. It really saves me time and effort to dry my hair.)
  3. As soon as you walk in, start turning the water. It takes good 20-30 minutes to fill up the tub. 
  4. Opt for a meal following bathing. Playing in the water makes you hungry!
  5. Morning time is usually less busy. You may enjoy the area by yourself.
  6. But after morning bathing and lunch, you may just want to go to sleep.


If you can splurge a little, Beitou private hot spring is your best bet. If you have both time and budget, staying overnight at a hot spring resort would obviously offer the ultimate therapeutic trip to unwind and recharge. 

But even if you are not staying overnight, consider Beitou hotels with a private hot spring. Many luxury and mid-range hotels offer private and public bath packages perfect for a day trip from Taipei. Yes, it is pricier than a public hot spring. But it provides a much more relaxing environment. Isn’t that why you consider visiting Beitou in the first place?

See my recommendations below >> Best Hot Spring in Beitou #1-8. 

Beitou Public Hot Spring 

Best for:

  • Budget-conscious travelers who are comfortable wearing a birthday suit in public.
  • Anyone who prefers to enjoy more extended hours in hot spring.
  • Willing to prepare toiletries and other personal essentials. 

What to Bring: Towel, Toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body lotion, other personal essentials, and conservative swimsuit & swim cap (depending on the location).

I think Beitou public hot springs are much better maintained than other hot spring towns in Taiwan, despite their age. Other than the usual nude, gender-segregated public bath, you have more options from a co-ed outdoor pool (rare for public bathing) to a foot bath. If time and budget are limited for your Taiwan trip, Beitou would be an excellent choice.  

See my recommendations below>> Best Hot Spring in Beitou #9-11.

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Best Hot Spring in Beitou

Best Hot Spring in Beitou | Beitou Private Hot Spring -1 Radium Kagaya Taipei | #RadiumKagaya #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

#1. Radium Kagaya Taipei

Kagaya is named Japan’s no.1 hot spring hotel brand for 36 years. Radium Kagaya brings the authentic Japanese hot spring culture and impeccable hospitality service to Taiwan. This 4-star hot spring resort was built on the site of Tenguan – the first Japanese hot spring hotel in Taiwan – and features Japanese Edo-style elements from 300 years ago yet exudes modern elegance. 

Radium Kagaya offers 17 different hot spring rooms that are made of pottery, wood, and rock. Its hot spring uses white sulfur water, which is excellent for skin and muscle pains. 

Take a bath in your room’s bathroom or public bathhouse. For day-trippers who are not staying at the hotel, independent private hot spring rooms are open for 90-minute sessions. Shuttle bus from/to Beitou Station is available upon request. 

It is one of the best hot springs in Beitou for sure! The private bathhouse is squeaky clean (no mold and tightly sealed edges) and well maintained.

Best Hot Spring in Beitou | Beitou Private Hot Spring -1 Radium Kagaya Taipei | #RadiumKagaya #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia #kaiseki

Don’t forget to get an amazing kaiseki meal following your hot spring pleasure. If you are not familiar with kaiseki, it is a traditional Japanese course meal typically served at ryokans. Unlike many disappointing hot spring dining experiences before, Radium Kagaya’s meal was the best I ever had in a hot spring resort.

Best Hot Spring in Beitou | Beitou Private Hot Spring - 2 Marshal Zen Garden | #MarshalZenGarden #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

#2. Marshal Zen Garden*

Marshal Zen Garden was originally Xingao Hotel during the Japanese occupation. During WWII, it was used as a lodging for Kamikaze pilots. Later, it became the home of the Young Marshal Zhang Xueliang, who was under house arrest in the 1960s.

The building retains the original Japanese-style structure and fully preserved living quarters. Now, this historic building is turned into a high-end private hot bath and restaurant.

Best Hot Spring in Beitou | Beitou Private Hot Spring - 2 Marshal Zen Garden | #MarshalZenGarden #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

The restaurant serves an afternoon tea set with a variety of tea (NT$680 for two) and the Young Marshal course meal (starting from NT$1,800). The afternoon tea is not special but the view is (see photos below)! 

Best Hot Spring in Beitou | Beitou Private Hot Spring - 2 Marshal Zen Garden | #MarshalZenGarden #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

Also, visitors can enjoy the outdoor foot bath at an extra NT$100. 

Best Hot Spring in Beitou | Beitou Private Hot Spring - 2 Marshal Zen Garden | #MarshalZenGarden #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia #sunset

Even if you are not bathing here, this place is worth visiting for its breathtaking sunset view. I almost wonder if the Young Marshal considered house arrest a punishment with this view! I highly recommend going here in the late afternoon/early evening for sunset. 

Shuttle service can be requested at NT$50 one way per person from/to Beitou Station. But they are flexible with a pick-up location. It is located at the top of the hill, so I would call if I plan to visit here. 

It is one of the best hot springs in Beitou with an unbeatable view from the top! If not for soaking, swing by for an afternoon tea or dinner for the sunset. 

>> Grab your spot for a private bathhouse experience with the fantastic view at Marshal Zen Garden now!

#3. Villa 32

Are you looking for more luxury, secluded hot spring stays? Try Villa 32 if you have a flexible budget.

Initially built as a private home, the hot spring retreat now offers 5 exquisite, independent villas, plus 5 private hot spring suites for half-day getaways. The most private ambiance and elegant details in this property scream ultra-rich, exclusive luxury. To make your stay even snugger, opt for a spa session.

Guests must be 16 and older to ensure the most undisturbed experience for everyone. 

This place is on my dream list. But with limited availability and high price, I am yet to try it out! 

>> Book your most relaxing holiday retreat at Villa 32. This luxe resort opens public hot springs and massage services to day-time users.

#4. Grand View Resort Beitou

Grand View Resort is the only 5-star luxury hot spring resort in Beitou. Situated in a more secluded, steep hill next to Beitou Museum, the mountaintop hotel boasts an unobstructed view from the room and outdoor swimming pool. 

The resort uses the white sulfur spring. Guests can use both an en-suite hot spring bath and open-air bath, as well as an outdoor pool. For day-trippers, independent private hot spring suites open 24 hours. 

Shuttle bus from/to Beitou Station is available upon request. 

#5. The Gaia Hotel

It is quite unusual that a hot spring hotel is best known for its library. But you may recognize its chandelier-hanging public library filled with 20,000 English and Chinese literature on the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves from Instagram.

But it is one of the high-end hot spring hotels in Beitou with the modern zen vibe. (Did you know that the Gaia Hotel was awarded the top ten hot spring hotel in 2014?) The hot spring here uses the white sulfur water in a room filled with Chinese juniper aroma.

During the Fall and Winter seasons (Oct.-March), the bathhouses operate 24 hours. A 90-minute individual bathhouse costs NT$2,300 for 2 people with an extra charge for extended hours and additional people. Shuttle bus from/to Beitou Station is available upon request.

Best Hot Spring in Beitou | Beitou Private Hot Spring - 3 Waterhouse | #Waterhouse #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

Waterhouse public bathhouse | Photo courtesy of Waterhouse

#6. Waterhouse Beitou

Beitou hot spring is pricier than other Taiwanese hot springs. You basically pay for its proximity to Taipei and convenience. If you don’t want to pay Beitou’s high resort price but still appreciate some tranquility during your stay, consider Waterhouse.

The newly renovated hotel overlooking Beitou Park embraces modern Japanese simplicity in its architecture. And the style continues in its bathhouses with the white sulfur water.

While other resort offers individual bathhouses separated from guest rooms, a 2-hour private bath experience at Waterhouse comes with a full suite. Rates vary by room choices and season.

The public bath is also available at NT$780 on weekdays and NT$1,080 on holidays for unlimited hours. Open daily from 7 am to 11 pm. Hotel guests can use the public bath for free.

#7. Spring City Resort

Spring City Resort is a mid-range hot spring hotel in a secluded uphill location. This family-friendly resort offers a spacious, clean room and decent en-suite hot spring bath. (I have a friend who visits Beitou at least once a year. She always stays at Spring City Resort and recommends it for its cleanness, comfort, and reasonable price.)

The hotel has 13 private hot spring rooms for day-trippers, open for 24 hours. An hour per session (NT$600 per adult; NT$400 per child) is allowed on a first-come, first-serve basis

You can also pay NT$800 (no time limit) to use their public hot spring facilities. You can choose temperatures in the pool from cold to hot to very hot, and access stone pools. It is a co-ed hot spring that requires swimsuits. Locker, dressing gowns, and towels are also provided. Shuttle bus from/to Beitou Station is available upon request. 

#8. Sweet Me Hot Spring Resort

Sweet Me Hot Spring resort is an affordable, minimalist hotel located a 3-minute walk from Xinbeitou MRT Station. The hotel offers both public (naked, sex-segregated) and private bathhouses, using white sulfur water. It is an excellent option for budget-friendly travelers who still want a clean, private bathhouse experience.

Best Hot Spring in Beitou | Beitou Public Hot Spring - Millennium Hot Spring | #MillenniumHotSpring #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

#9. Millennium Hot Spring Beitou

Millennium Hot Spring is one of the main Beitou Public Hot Springs that opened in 1913. It is a co-ed outdoor hot spring pool. And it strictly reinforces the dress code of wearing a conservative swimsuit (no bikinis, ladies!) and swim cap. If you don’t bring your own swim cap, you have to purchase one there.

The place is not huge and can get crowded. It would be best to head there early.

Interestingly for a hot spring facility, the place does not provide a hot shower (why?). Prepare some coins to get a hot shower and use a locker room.

Admission: NT$40 (4 hours)

Hours: 5:30-7:30 am, 8-10 am, 10:30 am-1 pm, 1:30-4 pm, 4:30-7 pm, 7:30-10 pm

Location: [Open Google Map]

#10. Long Nice Hot Spring

Long Nice Hot Spring (瀧乃湯浴室) is one of the oldest establishments in Beitou. The bathhouse was built in 1907 for Japanese soldiers. The stone monument in the courtyard reads “his Imperial Highness Crown Prince of Japan Crossed River Memorial,” which commemorates the Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito’s royal visit.

This is a nude, sex-segregated indoor bathhouse. It is a very basic bathhouse serving the function of bathing. Make sure to bring everything listed above (or you will have to purchase there), except a swimsuit.   

Admission: NT$150

Hours: 6:30 am – 9 pm (Closed on Wednesday)

Location: [Open Google Map]

#11. Fuxing Park Foot Bath

What if you are curious about hot spring but not really into soaking in? You might be delighted to know that Beitou has three FREE foot-soaking pools in Fuxing Park, Quanyuan Park, and Sulfur Valley.

I recommend going to Fuxing Park Foot Bath as it is the closest one in the central area of Beitou. The jade-green water features green sulfur.

Admission: Free

Hours: 8 am – 6 pm (Closed on Monday)

Location: [Open Google Map]

Other Things to Do in Beitou

Beitou Hot Spring Guide | Other Things to Do in Beitou: Beitou Hot Spring Museum | #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

Beitou Hot Spring Museum*

The Beitou Hot Spring Museum was initially constructed as Beitou Public Bathhouse in 1913. The eclectic two-story building mixes the Japanese and Western-style, which was standard at the time. (You can see this type of buildings in the Dadaocheng District of Taipei.)

The museum in Beitou Park has many interactive exhibits about the history of Beitou and hot springs. But the real gem here is the historical architecture and original bathhouse structures

The bathhouse on the first floor features Romanesque arches and columns, with natural lights shining through stained-glass windows on each side.

Beitou Hot Spring Guide | Other Things to Do in Beitou: Beitou Hot Spring Museum | #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

The second floor features a large tatami-floor hall for resting and dining. This area is used today as a place for travelers to rest and enjoy Beitou Park’s scenery.    

Admission: Free

Hours: 9 am – 5 pm (Closed on Monday and national holidays.)

Location: [Open Google Map]

Beitou Hot Spring Guide | Other Things to Do in Beitou: Beitou Library | #BeitouLibrary #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

Beitou Library*

Beitou Library (official name: Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch) is Taiwan’s first eco-friendly library constructed with recyclable wood and steel. This architecture fits right in Beitou Park, surrounded by historic architecture. You may think it also is a restored historic building. But this wooden architecture is loaded with hi-tech environmentally conscious functions – such as a green roof, solar power, rainwater recycling, and other energy-saving features.

As it is a working library, you may visit with a photo ID. Please be quiet inside. And no photos. The library has a lovely outdoor balcony area to sit out to enjoy the scenery or read books.

Admission: Free

Hours: Tues. – Sat. 8:30 am – 9 pm | Sun. & Mon. 9 am – 5 pm (Closed on first Thursday each month and national holidays.)

Location: [Open Google Map]

Beitou Hot Spring Guide | Other Things to Do in Beitou: Beitou ThermalValley | #BeitouThermalValley  #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

Beitou Thermal Valley* (Hell Valley)

Beitou Thermal Valley (地熱谷) is the primary source of Beitou Stream. The green sulfur mineral water is about 60-70°C in average temperature and can reach 90°C. The flaming hot (and radioactive) water is not safe to dip in. (The aboriginals in the area used to call it the witch.)

Steam constantly gushes out from the pit, creating mystic scenery. In between fuming mist, you can take a closer look inside the emerald-green water. And you will find water bubbles from the porous ground. You may also smell sulfur and feel humidity and heat in the air when walking through the mist.

Beitou Hot Spring Guide | Other Things to Do in Beitou: Beitou ThermalValley | #BeitouThermalValley  #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

Before you enter the Thermal Valley, you will see some food stalls selling hot spring eggs, steamed corns, and hot pot.   

Admission: Free

Hours: 9 am – 5 pm (Closed on Monday.)

Location: [Open Google Map]

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Beitou Hot Spring Guide | Other Things to Do in Beitou: Beitou Museum | #BeitouMuseum #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

Beitou Museum*

The Beitou Museum – also known as the Old Moon Manor after a movie of the same name – was originally the Kazan Hotel, an elegant Beitou hot spring hotel on a secluded mountain slope. During the Japanese occupation, it was once a dormitory for the Japanese military and the Kamikaze pilots.

Following many name, purpose, and ownership changes, the historic building was restored and reopened as the Beitou Museum.

Beitou Hot Spring Guide | Other Things to Do in Beitou: Beitou Museum | #BeitouMuseum #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

This is the only all-wood, two-story Japanese-style building remaining in Taiwan. And it was designated a historical site by the Taipei City Government in 1998.

Beitou Hot Spring Guide | Other Things to Do in Beitou: Beitou Museum | #BeitouMuseum #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

The museum displays cultural artifacts, hosts cultural performances and banquets, serves (vegetarian) kaiseki meals. You get a discount in the tea room with admission, featuring a tatami room, outdoor terrace overlooking Beitou.

Beitou Hot Spring Guide | Other Things to Do in Beitou: Beitou Museum | #BeitouMuseum #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

Although I loved its tea house’s look and feel, I did not think it was worthwhile to get an afternoon tea snack. This is one of those places you go for the view. And they enforced a minimum one drink per person policy. (Ok, it is common in Taiwan, but they were not flexible at all. I had to order A DRINK no matter what other menus I get.)

Admission: NT$120 | NT$50 for students or age 65+

Hours: 10 am – 6 pm (Closed on Monday.) Free guided tour at 11 am or 2:30 pm on weekends & holidays.

Location: [Open Google Map


How to Get to Beitou Museum

  • From MRT Beitou Station, take the bus S25 or 230
  • From MRT Xin Beitou Station, walk to Guang-Ming Police Office, then take the bus 230

Beitou Hot Spring Guide | Other Things to Do in Beitou: Plum Garden | #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

Plum Garden

Next to the Millennium Hot spring, Plum Garden (北投梅庭) displays a small exhibit of calligraphy by You Youren. He is an early Chinese revolutionary figure and the father of modern Chinese journalism. This historic house built in the late 1930s used to be his summer retreat house.

The entry is free, and the exhibit is small. So if you are curious, you can swing by on the way to the Millennium Hot Spring or Thermal Valley. However, you are not missing out much if you skip.

Admission: Free

Hours: 9 am – 5 pm (Closed on Monday.)

Location: [Open Google Map]

Puji Temple

Puji Temple (北投普濟寺) is a Japanese Buddhist temple built in 1905. The Bodhisattva sitting inside the temple is seen as the protector of the Beitou hot spring.

It is rare to see a Japanese temple in Taiwan. Indeed, Beitou remains under the strong influence of Japan since the early development. But be aware that it is located uphill on the way from Thermal Valley to Beitou Museum. I don’t recommend walking this route as I did. (I was breaking a sweat in February!) I also think it’s okay to skip this place.

Admission: Free

Hours: 9 am – 5 pm

Location: [Open Google Map]

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How to Get to Beitou from Taipei

As the only hot spring accessed by the Taipei MRT system, Beitou is an easy hop over from Taipei. 

By MRT: The best way to reach Beitou is via Taipei MRT (Be sure to buy a convenient EasyCard for public transportation). Take the Tamsui-Xinyi Line (Red) to Beitou Station. (Don’t get off here!) Then, transfer to Xinbeitou Line to Xinbeitou Station. Many bathing facilities are within walking distance from the station. 

By Private Charter: If you want a hotel to Beitou Hot Spring service, hire a driver to pick you up from anywhere.

Beitou Hot Spring Guide: How to Get to Beitou from Taipei | #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia

Many Beitou hotels offer a shuttle from Beitou Station, Exit 1.

Getting Around Beitou

Once you get to the Beitou hot spring area, all main attractions are within walking distance. But to reach destinations uphills, I recommend taking a bus or taxi.

By Bus: Taiwan Tourist Shuttle – Beitou Zhuzihu Route goes from Beitou Station to Yangmingshan. (Get your unlimited rides with Taipei Fun Pass.) On the way, it stops by Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Plum Garden, Beitou Park, Sulfur Valley, and other spots. Scanning the QR code on the seat also provides a free audio guide about Beitou.

By Taxi: A taxi from Xinbeitou MRT Station is also an affordable option. If your hotel is located uphill, I highly recommend getting a taxi rather than walking. 

By Shuttle: Many hotels and private hot springs offer shuttle from Beitou Station, Exit 1. Reservation is required.

Taipei Day Trip Ideas

Looking for other Taipei Day Trip ideas? Read my detailed guides:

  • Juming Museum: A mountaintop sculpture park with the famed Juming’s artworks
  • Yingge Pottery Town: Buy high-quality ceramics or make your own
  • Shifen: Make a wish on the sky lantern 
  • Wulai Hot Springs: A secluded aboriginal village tucked in a mountain famous for hot spring

Beitou Hot Spring Guide: Best Hot Spring in Beitou (Private vs Public Bathhouses) & Other Things to Do | #BeitouHotSprings #BeitouThermalValley #BeitouLibrary #BeitouTaiwan #TravelAsia