How to Spend Two Days in Berlin

Berlin is the German capital city marked by a turbulent history, a vibrant art and cultural scene and an exuberant nightlife. Undoubtedly, it is one of the coolest cities in the world and an exciting destination filled with unique spots and unusual things to do.

How many days do you need for Berlin? 

I recommend at least two days to immerse in Berlin’s past and today. This article suggests 2 day Berlin itinerary. 

If you only have 24 hours in Berlin, it’s not enough time, but you can get an idea of the city. Follow my suggested itinerary for day 1. If you have three days or more, explore more museums as the city is famous for its museum island.

What makes Berlin unique? 

Visiting Berlin is a unique experience, nothing like the rest of Germany. It is like seeing two cities simultaneously as the city embraces striking contrasts.

Berlin has been at the center stage for the most tumultuous modern history – namely, Nazis & Holocaust and Cold War. The city was split into East and West Berlin until it was reunified following the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Its history left the city eclectic and contradictory. The evidence of its dark past is everywhere. Its old town has classic European charms with historical monuments and landmarks. These heritage buildings stand harmoniously with the newly created modern architecture.

Despite these striking contrasts, the Berliners have a non-conformist attitude. The city embraces its past and present. Iconic graffiti and street art are symbolic gestures of this spirit, indicating its acceptance and freedom. That’s what makes Berlin so edgy and hip. 

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Berlin Itinerary 2 Days | Discover the highlights of Berlin in 2 days | #BerlinGermany #GermanyItinerary #GermanyTravel #EuropeTravel

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Berlin Itinerary 2 Days Summery

Day 1: Brandenburg Gate Holocaust Memorial Nazi Book Burning Memorial Gendarmenmarkt Luftwaffe Headquarters Checkpoint Charlie Berlin Story Museum The Third Reich History Tours Raise Wilhelm Memorial Church Bikini Berlin Berlin Nightclubs

Day 2: Berlin TV Tower Berlin Street Art Tours Anne Frank Center Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien East Side Gallery YAAM

>> Buy Berlin City Card and save money! The Berlin Card gives you free access to Berlin’s Museum Island and public transport, and discounts on tourist attractions. 

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Berlin Essential Travel Guide | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

How to Get to Berlin

By Flight

As the capital city of Germany, Berlin serves as a major transport hub. Berlin Brandenburg Airport (airport code: BER) is the new international airport. (The former Schönefeld airport will remain in operation until 2026.)

The airport locates outside of the city, but there are many ways to travel into the city. You can take Airport Express (FEX) or regional trains from station T1 (level U2) to Berlin Central Station. Take the commuter trains S-Bahns S9 and S45, which runs every 20 minutes. Check the detailed schedules here. Or, hire a private airport transfer.

By Train

Berlin is well connected via railroads. There are 173 train stations in the city. Berlin Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) is the central hub for trains in Berlin.

By Bus

Berlin has many Flixbus stops. FlixBus connects many cities across Europe. It is a cheap way to travel long distances.  

>> Run your search for all transportation (flight, train and bus) in one platform to compare and plan your ideal journey.

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days | How to Get Around Berlin | #BerlinGermany #GermanyItinerary #GermanyTravel #EuropeTravel

How to Get Around Berlin

Once you are at the city center, you can walk or take the metro. For a short stay, take advantage of the Hop-on, Hop-off Bus to reach all stops in your itinerary more efficiently.

If you are on a time crunch, joining day tours is the most efficient way to travel. I love joining a walking tour (or a guided bike tour) if you don’t like walking) to learn about the history and hear intriguing stories from a local expert. Whenever I visit the city for the first time, I try to join at least one guided tour. It also helps me get the bearing in a new town.

When to Visit Berlin

May to September is considered the best time to visit Berlin. You will enjoy lots of sunshine, warm and calm temperatures, and good weather overall.

Keep in mind, though, that summer can be hot, with temperatures up to 30℃. July also has the most rain in Berlin.

Winter in Berlin can be harsh if you are not used to cold weather. The temperature can drop below zero. It sometimes snows. On the bright side, February has the lowest chance of rain.

In December, Berlin gears up for the holiday festivity throughout the city.  As German Christmas Markets are known to be one of the best in Europe, enjoy holiday cheers in 60+ Christmas Markets in Berlin! 

Day 1: First 24 Hours in Berlin for History Buffs

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 1 - Brandenburg Gate | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) is a restored 18th-century gate with a classical archway. This iconic landmark locates in Pariser Platz, a public square named for the 1814 anti-Napoleon occupation of Paris. This is also where many of Berlin’s important events and celebrations occur.

The neoclassical monument with 12 Doric columns was inspired by the entrance to the Acropolis in Athens and was constructed between 1788 and 1791. Later, the gate was topped with a statue of four horses and a carriage. 

In 1806 when Napoleon took over the city, he rode triumphantly into Berlin under the Brandenburg Gate. He ordered to bring those four horses and carriage to Paris as war booty. Due to logistical issues, some parts were damaged and repaired but later forgotten and left in Versailles. Eventually, the Prussian soldiers seized it and took it back to Berlin in 1814. 

After World War II, Berlin was split into East and West. The gate stood in East Berlin and was fenced off by the Berlin Wall. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the monument has become a symbol of reunification and freedom.  

Admission: Free

Hours: 24 hours

Location: [Open Google Map]

Nearest Metro Station: S/U-Bahn Brandenburger Tor

Insider’s Tip: There is a tourist information center in Pariser Platz. Many walking tours depart from this area.

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 1 - Holocaust Memorial | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Holocaust Memorial)

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, also known as the Holocaust Memorial, is a solemn memorial site with 2,711 concrete columns to remember the Holocaust victims. An underground “Place of Information” holds the names of 3 million Jewish Holocaust victims. Feel free to walk between the columns of different heights. It is pretty impressive that the site makes you feel solemnly with simple concrete slabs.    

Admission: Free

Hours: 24 hours

Location: [Open Google Map]

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 1 - Nazi Book Burning Memorial | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Nazi Book Burning Memorial

The memorial site was set in Bebelplatz under the ground with empty shelves, called The Empty Library (1995) by Israeli sculptor Micha Ullman. It commemorates the May 10, 1933 event when Nazis ordered to burning of 20,000 books, mainly by Jewish authors. 

Admission: Free

Hours: 24 hours

Location: [Open Google Map]

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 1 - Gendarmenmarkt Square | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel


Gendarmenmarkt is an 18th-century public square with impressive architecture. Arguably Berlin’s most beautiful square is home to three architectural beauties: the German Cathedral, the French Cathedral and the Konzerthaus (concert hall). The square hosts many events throughout the year. In winter, you can expect an ice rink and a Christmas market. It usually hosts shops, cafes and restaurants.    

Admission: Free

Hours: 24 hours

Location: [Open Google Map]

What is the most-visited attraction in Germany?  Cologne Cathedral! Discover the gorgeous Gothic cathedral in Cologne, a charming historical town along the Rhine River >>  

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 1 - Detlev Rohwedder House (Luftwarff Headquarters)  | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Luftwaffe Headquarters

The Detlev-Rohwedder-Haus is a historical building where the former German Air Ministry (“Luftwaffe”) led by Nazi Herman Goering was located. When it was constructed, it was the largest office building in Europe. This was one of the few Nazi buildings in Berlin to stand intact during the bombing of World War II; it is said that only one bomb hit the building. Today, it houses the Finance Ministry. 

The building is not open to the public. Tour groups swing by frequently. You can also look around on the ground.

Location: [Open Google Map]

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 1 - Checkpoint Charlie | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie is a historical landmark marking the borderline between East and West Berlin. At the beginning of the city’s split, it was relatively easy to cross the border. Between 1949 and 1961, more than 2.5 million East Germans fled to the West. To prevent brain drain and escape from the East, the Berlin Wall began to be constructed in 1961. Since then, Checkpoint Charlie became a crossing point in the Berlin Wall, hence the symbol of the Cold War.  

Admission: Free

Hours: 24 hours

Location: [Open Google Map]

Nearest Metro Station: Kochstrabe

>> You can trace remains of the Berlin Wall and memorial sites all over the city. Besides the East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall Museum at Checkpoint Charlie is another interesting place to check out. The museum was founded in 1962, shortly after the construction of the Berlin Wall, as a protest against the Wall. The museum displays creative devices the East Germans used to escape to the West. 

Berlin Story Museum 

Berlin Story Museum (Hitler’s Bunker) is a historic landmark located in a bunker at Anhalter Station. Here, you can visit an exhibit about Hitler and learn Berlin’s history related to socialism and behind fascinating stories of the dictator. 

Admission: Reserve your ticket here. €12 (Discounts with Berlin WelcomeCard)

Hours: 10 am – 7 pm

Location: [Open Google Map]

Nearest Metro Station: U Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park or Anhalter Station

The Third Reich History Tours

The Third Reich is a Nazi term for Germany and its regime under Nazi reign from 1933 to 1945. Literally, it is translated to the Third Empire. The German Reich is divided into three periods: German Empire (1871-1918), Weimar Republic (1918-1933), and Nazi Germany (1933-1945). 

There are many history tours in Berlin to explore the rise and fall of Nazi Germany and discover the stories of Hitler, the Nazis, the Gestapo, and more. 

>> A Third Reich Walking Tour

>> Hitler’s Berlin The Rise & Fall Guided Walking Tour

>> Hitler’s Germany: Berlin during the Third Reich & WWII

>> Berlin World War II & Third Reich Tour

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 1 - Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church was a protestant church built in the 1890s. It was severely damaged in a bombing raid in 1943. You can still see the ruins of the imperial church, which gives it a nickname, “the hollow tooth.”

Admission: Free

Hours: 9 am – 7 pm

Location: [Open Google Map]

Nearest Metro Station: U Kurfürstendamm

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 1 - Bikini Berlin, Germany’s first concept mall | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin is not just another mall but is Germany’s first concept shopping center. As part of the Zentrum am Zoo project in 1957, Bikini Berlin is an iconic architecture representing post-war West Berlin. 

First, there are flagship stores and boutique shops. In fact, you will discover lots of independent brands you won’t find elsewhere. For example, pop-up booths showcase new products by young start-up businesses. Just having window shopping here would be an unusual experience.

Nothing is boring here. The entire complex is a massive playground for children and adults. As you explore the space, you will discover toys everywhere. For instance, roll the wooden balls from the second floor that shoot down the spiral rail traveling all around the ceiling. 

You also have to swing by the food court, the Kantini. Many food stalls present fresh eateries in a playfully designed area. Sip juice in swing chairs, chat with friends over coffee on a spacious couch, and enjoy the panoramic view of the zoo through the window.  

Hours: 10 am – 8 pm (Closed on Sundays)

Location: [Open Google Map]

Nearest Metro Station: U Kurfürstendamm

Berlin Nightclubs

Another thing Berlin is famous for is its nightlife. Unfortunately, I did not get to personally experience its European techno scene. But I will drop a few names I heard of, so you can enjoy your first night as you like: Berghain, Tresor, Sisyphus, Watergate, KitKatClub, and YAAM (mentioned on Day 2).

Day 2: Berlin for Arts and Culture

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 2 - Berlin TV Tower | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Berlin TV Tower

Berliner TV Tower (Berlin Fernsehturm) is a landmark located in Alexanderplatz. The 368m tall tower was built in the 1960s by the architect Hermann Henselmann. It is another symbol of a reunited Germany, like the Brandenburg Gate. Inside the tower are Berlin’s Odyssey – a virtual reality spanning 9 centuries – and a sky deck overlooking the panoramic view of the city. 

Admission: Reserve a ticket here. €24.50 

Hours: 10 am – 10 pm

Location: [Open Google Map]

Nearest Metro Station: Alexanderplatz

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 2 - Berlin Street Art | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Berlin Street Art

Did you know that the East Side Gallery (more on this later) is not the only place to see murals? Berlin is a progressive city and a cultural hub, attracting artists from all over the world to express their freedom in graffiti. So wherever you wander around in Berlin, you will meet with colorful and playful murals. 

That’s why a great way to explore Berlin is by taking alternative tours to explore the fascinating collection of captivating art from hidden alleys. While you can casually wander around to enjoy a few eye-catching ones, you certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity to admire the city’s best street art. (Think Banksy, 1UP Crew, etc.) And it will take a lot of effort to go on a scavenger hunt for murals in an unfamiliar city. 

More importantly, these urban arts have impressive histories and behind-the-scene stories you want to know.  

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 2 - Anne Frank Center | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Anne Frank Center

Anne Frank Center is a history gallery in partnership with the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. It exhibits photos and films of Anne Frank’s life.

Even if you don’t go in (I didn’t), the area is worth a visit. The outside alleyways display lots of exciting murals. There are some outdoor seats you can enjoy some snacks and drinks. It is a pretty hip place to check out.

Admission: €8 or €4 for children 11-17 yo or seniors. Discounts with Berlin WelcomeCard. 

Hours: 10 am – 6 pm (Closed on Mondays.)

Location: [Open Google Map]

Nearest Metro Station: U Weinmeisterstraße/Gipsstraße

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 2 - Kunstraum Kreuzberg | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien

Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Berthanien is a hip art gallery and cultural space with a coffee house. While the building looks like a Gothic castle, the gallery exhibits contemporary art installations and murals. It is also a place to host many events and performances throughout the year. There is a nice park you can take a break. 

Admission: Free

Hours: 10 am – 8 pm

Location: [Open Google Map]

Nearest Metro Station: U Kottbusser Tor

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 2 - Berlin Wall Eastside Gallery | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery is a conserved graffiti project and open-air gallery along the Spree river bank in the Eastern Berlin district. The remnant of a total 1.3 km-long Berlin Wall survived the demolition. In 1990, 118 artists from 210 countries painted the strip. These artists convey the message of peace and reunification with colorful murals. Some of the original art has been damaged or lost over time. Still, conservation efforts have been made to restore the original pieces.  

Admission: Free

Hours: 24 hours

Location: [Open Google Map]

Nearest Metro Station: Warschauer Straße

>> Yep, there is another Berlin Wall Museum East Side Gallery! This museum tells a story about the divided city and the Berlin Wall.  

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 2 - YAAM, a beachside day/night club | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel


YAAM is a riverside beach club full of colorful graffiti along the Spree. At first glance, it looks like a griddy junkyard. But it turns into a bar with live music and DJs at night and is a well-known party site. During the day, you may enjoy a Berliner beer sitting at the wooden tables on the sand, or play basketball and volleyball on the outdoor courts. It’s undoubtedly a unique place to chill out. 

Admission: Free

Hours: Mon – Thurs 1pm – 2am, Fri-Sun 2 pm – 4 am

Location: [Open Google Map]

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: Day 2 - YAAM, a beachside day/night club | #BerlinGermany #GermanyTravel #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

More Time to Spare?

If you can squeeze in more in your schedule, visit Berlin’s famous Museum Island. Pergamon Museum and Neue National Galerie are a must! The Berlin WelcomeCard holders get free admission to the museums.

Or, take day trips. Sachsenhausen Camp is a popular day trip destination from Berlin (Sachsenhausen and Berlin private tour – great for families/groups). Consider visiting Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and Potsdam together.

Where to Stay in Berlin

Mitte is the best place to stay for first-time visitors. This historic center of East Berlin is home to top attractions and the best museums in the city.

  • Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin [Book hereis a 5-star luxury hotel next to the Brandenburg Gate. Besides its iconic location, the classy hotel has an indoor swimming pool and two Michelin-starred restaurants.
  • Motel One Berlin Mitte [Book hereis a stylish mid-range boutique hotel near S+U Potsdamer Platz station. I liked my stay at Motel One Brussels.
  • Art’otel Berlin Mitte [Book here] is a bright, modern hotel near the metro and bus stops. The posh hotel provides excellent value for the price you pay.

Budget travelers and partiers should look into East Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain. These hip neighborhoods are a hub for alternative culture.

  • Precise Tale Berlin Potsdamer Platz [Book here] is a new hotel in the central location. The spacious rooms have a classy retro feel, incorporating wood and rattan furniture.
  • Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz [Book here is a posh contemporary hotel located in a lively neighborhood with techno clubs.
  • MOXY Berlin Ostbahnhof [Book hereis a contemporary budget hotel of the Marriott Group. It is located within walking distance of the East Side Gallery.
  • Schulz Hotel Berliner Mauer [Book herelocates near metro stations in the heart of the Friedrichshain district. This new hotel is hip and affordable.

You can also check other boutique hotels in Berlin

What to Eat in Berlin

I cannot tell you that Berlin is a foodie destination. Honestly, I had difficulty solely surviving on German food as I am not a fan of sausages and potatoes. But there are a few things you need to try in Berlin. You can easily find these everywhere, but I will include a few spots I visited.

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: What to Eat in Berlin - Currywurst | #BerlinGermany #BerlinFood #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel


Currywurst is one of Berlin’s iconic street foods. Resourceful people created this simple dish to fight post-war hunger. Simply cut the sausage into chunks and top with curly ketchup or other spices. 

You will find many currywurst stands near popular attractions. (Think of hot dog stands in New York.) At its core, currywurst is served and eaten on the go.

Location: Curry 36 [Open Google map] or Wurst Brandenburger Tor [Open Google Map]

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: What to Eat in Berlin - Doner Kebab | #BerlinGermany #BerlinFood #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Doner Kebab

Doner kebab is a Berliner fast food influenced by Turkish kebab. (It is unique to Berlin, and you won’t find it in Turkey.) Doner kebab works well for my Korean plates. Thank God for Turkish immigrants for creating this delicious food! Otherwise, I would have had to visit subpar and pricey Korean restaurants all the time. 

Location: Avci Doner [Open Google Map]

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: What to Eat in Berlin - Berliner Weiss | #BerlinGermany #BerlinFood #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Berliner Weisse

Each city/region of Germany is known for its signature beer. In Berlin, the style is called Berliner Weisse. It is a light, fruity beer with a hint of sourness, hence sometimes called “Champagne of the North.” The alcohol content is low at 3%. It is a perfect refreshing drink for summer. 

Location: Dicke Wirtin [Open Google Map]

Berlin Itinerary 2 Days: What to Eat in Berlin - Berliner Donuts | #BerlinGermany #BerlinFood #GermanyItinerary #EuropeTravel

Berliner Pfannkuchen

Berliner is a fluffy donut filled with thick custard cream or jam. Naturally, there is no hole in the middle. In the U.S., it is known as a Bavarian cream donut. The difference is that Berliner is usually topped with powdered sugar, whereas American donuts are glazed.

Hey, but no need to worry about the differences. I just gave you a good excuse to chow down on a delicious carb-loaded treat in Berlin. So go try it out.

Bon Voyage!


Berlin Itinerary 2 Days | Discover the highlights of Berlin in 2 days | #BerlinGermany #GermanyItinerary #GermanyTravel #EuropeTravel