Stylish Sneakers Parisians are Wearing right now!

Before I went to Paris, I was casually browsing shoes rack at Nordstrom Rack. I had a chit-chat with a lady shopping for stylish walking shoes for Paris, and we were coincidentally going to Paris in the same month. She heard that no French girl would walk in Nike running shoes on the streets, so there she was. We discussed a few brands she could look into before jokingly saying it would be funny to run into each other in Paris. 

The conversation lingered on my way home. Her dilemma was real. I bet many women heading to Paris can relate to her. For one, I easily hit 20,000 steps daily in a city like Paris. But I don’t want to wear my Adidas Ultraboost gym shoes (although it feels like walking on the cloud). At the same time, only Emily in Paris can sport ridiculously high heels on the cobblestone streets.

So this is the article for all the ladies out there who are in the same shoe as me and that lady at Nordstrom Rack. Here are the most comfortable yet stylish sneakers French girls wear now!

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10 Best Walking Shoes for Paris: Stylish Sneakers Parisians are wearing right now! | #BestWalkingShoes #WhiteSneakers #StreetStyle #ParisianSneakers

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Pro Tips for Selecting Shoes to Wear in Paris

1. Don’t bring a new pair.

Don’t even think about it! No matter how comfortable it seems to be, do NOT bring a new pair. Paris is not a city to test out or break in new shoes. 

My friend from London met me in Paris. She was wearing a brand new pair of ECCO, and she said they were super comfy. I met with her for lunch the next day (not even 24 hours had passed), and she got nasty blisters on her first day, and her skin was peeled off!

Even the most comfortable sneakers can give you trouble if they still need to be broken in. So if you need new sneakers, buy well before the trip, test them out, and break them in BEFORE you wear them in Paris!

2. When in doubt, go for all-white sneakers.

I want to look effortlessly chic in cities like Paris. I know I will walk all day, so my shoes must be comfortable. I also have to find the most versatile pair. Shoes are bulky and I don’t want to bring more than two pairs per trip. There is only one problem: Finding good, comfortable, stylish shoes that go with everything is not easy. 

My solution? I always grab a pair of all-white leather sneakers. They are the most classy and versatile items that work well with any outfit style and on the streets. 

3. Don’t Forget Foot Aids.

Travel Essentials for Paris: Foot Patches

Lion Foot Patches

No matter how comfortable your shoes are, your legs will tire at the end of the day. I like to put these foot patches on my calves and arches before I go to bed. It does not stink like Salonpas or Bengay cream. So rest assured, you will wake up fresh.

Tip: Don’t put lotions on your legs after the shower. It won’t stick.

Soft Cushioning Insole for Sneakers

Don’t forget to pick up an insert for sneakers. I don’t think it’s necessary for normal daily walking. But when traveling, it does help relieve foot pains as we tend to walk much longer.

Travel Essentials for Paris: Blister Patches

Blister Patches

Also, I always bring blister patches with me. It is easy to bring in a purse, stick much better than a bandaid and gives a cushion effect. Why wait until you actually get blisters? When you have the first sign of discomfort, protect your skin!

#1. Veja

10 Best Walking Shoes for Paris: Stylish Sneakers Parisians are wearing right now! | #BestWalkingShoes #WhiteSneakers #StreetStyle #ParisianSneakers

​Veja is all the rage now. I see more and more Americans donning the signature V, but I notice many French girls wearing these shoes all over Paris. It is not surprising as Veja is a French brand established in 2005 by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion. It is one of the most affordable footwear for style and comfort.

The most popular style is Veja Esplar with different colors of the signature V. (Kate Middleton was spotted in Veja Esplar in Metallic.) I also hear good things about Veja Campo.

I own and love a pair of champaign-gold Veja V-10. I tried all the aforementioned styles, but V-10 worked the best for me. My feet are too thin, and sneakers without enough heel cushion tend to slip off when I walk. If you do not have this uncommon issue, you can choose one based on the design you like the most.

Another thing I like about Veja is that their all-white leather sneakers are made with genuine leather. (Many leather-looking sneakers are made with synthetic leather.) Synthetic materials do not compare to the quality of natural leather for durability and breathability. The Veja’s bovine leather is sourced sustainably, focusing on traceability and chemical transparency.

#2. Sèzane Jack Trainer

10 Best Walking Shoes for Paris: Stylish Sneakers Parisians are wearing right now! | #BestWalkingShoes #WhiteSneakers #StreetStyle #ParisianSneakers

Another highly-raved French brand is Sèzane. A digital fashion label, “born in Paris” by Morgane Sézalory, with phenomenal success is all about high-quality, perfectly-cut pieces that go into your capsule collections. As a B-Corp certified brand, you can trust that it has strong sustainability credentials.

My Francophile friend orders knitwear and clothing from its website all the time. And I have visited their offline store in Paris. So I can attest to the quality of their materials and classic style. (The style is similar to Anthropologie in the U.S.)

Sèzane Jack Trainer ($145) comes in cream, smooth gold and black. The simple yet elegant off-white leather sneakers are a perfect daily pair you can match with almost everything you own. The online store ships worldwide. Although people swear by its comfort, you should buy it before you visit Paris and break them in.

#3. Adidas Stan Smith

10 Best Walking Shoes for Paris: Stylish Sneakers Parisians are wearing right now! | #BestWalkingShoes #WhiteSneakers #StreetStyle #ParisianSneakers

Adidas Stan Smith is an iconic tennis shoe that everyone loves and seems to own. It was the first athletic footwear entirely made of leather when it was introduced in 1964. Over time, hundreds of versions were made. But the silhouette has remained the same. Occasionally you will see a pop of color on heal padding. (Green is my favorite.)

You can never go wrong with the classic all-white leather sneakers. And this super versatile footwear is as comfortable as sneakers can get. I can dress up or down and walk in them all day; what more can I ask for?

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#4. Golden Goose

10 Best Walking Shoes for Paris: Stylish Sneakers Parisians are wearing right now! | #BestWalkingShoes #WhiteSneakers #StreetStyle #ParisianSneakers

Why are these new shoes dirty out of the box? Nope, that’s their signature style.

Golden Goose is an Italian luxury fashion brand best known for its footwear. Their sneakers are handcrafted in Venice with high-quality materials. The distressed details on premium leather require quality craftsmanship.

With washed-out finishes and sparkly stars, the Italian sneakers are contemporary and have that effortlessly cool appeal. This aligns with the essence of French chic style, in my opinion. Switching the style would be challenging for those used to wearing high heels at home; Golden Goose could be a comfortable alternative to those stilettos.

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers can cost you around $500-700. And it comes in whole sizes only. I wanted to buy one; (un)fortunately, I fell into that half-size category and couldn’t make it work! But definitely check them out for yourself.

#5. Ba&sh

10 Best Walking Shoes for Paris: Stylish Sneakers Parisians are wearing right now! | #BestWalkingShoes #WhiteSneakers #StreetStyle #ParisianSneakers

Ba&sh is a French fashion brand that has gained popularity among Parisians for creating easy-to-wear clothing and accessories. Their stylish, comfortable footwear comes in various styles, from classic sneakers to trendy platform sandals. And they are made with high-quality materials that provide comfort and durability with features such as cushioned footbeds and flexible soles. Designed in Paris and made in Portugal.

Ba&sh Crush Low Sneaker is not an all-white leather shoe. But it is still elegant retro-style sneakers. You may also like these colorful Veja x Ba&sh collaboration sneakers.

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#6. Bobbies Sanna

10 Best Walking Shoes for Paris: Stylish Sneakers Parisians are wearing right now! | #BestWalkingShoes #WhiteSneakers #StreetStyle #ParisianSneakers

Bobbies is another reputable French shoe brand, designed in Paris and crafted in Portugal. Bobbies offers a range of styles to suit different tastes and occasions, from classic leather loafers to trendy sneakers and sandals. Their practical and stylish sneakers make them an excellent choice for travelers who want to explore Paris in style.

I tried Bobbies Sanna Sneakers at a store. I loved the sleek, feminine design that pairs well with jeans and dresses. But I have a pronounced lateral malleolus; and the shoe rubs right underneath the bone. I sadly had to say no. Otherwise, they are made well and complete your effortlessly classy style.

#7. Vionic Winny Sneaker

10 Best Walking Shoes for Paris: Stylish Sneakers Parisians are wearing right now! | #BestWalkingShoes #WhiteSneakers #StreetStyle #ParisianSneakers

Vionic is a leading brand of footwear known for its comfort and support. Their shoes are designed with biomechanics in mind, making them a great choice for travelers who want to explore new destinations without sacrificing comfort.

Vionic Winny Sneaker is particularly well-suited for travel. The simple leather sneaker is a classic lace-up that comes in white, black and grey. They provide excellent arch support, cushioning and stability, all essential for long periods of walking.

Although I don’t have this particular pair, I own Aris Sneaker with leopard details (discontinued). I cannot wear heels for more than a snap second for photos, so I match them up with skirts and dresses. The ergonomic sole provides ample arch support for walking.

#8. Chloe Lauren Low Top Sneakers

10 Best Walking Shoes for Paris: Stylish Sneakers Parisians are wearing right now! | #BestWalkingShoes #WhiteSneakers #StreetStyle #ParisianSneakers

Chloe Lauren Low Top Sneakers is an elegant white pair of sneakers for every occasion. The all-white leather shoes feature a round toe box, a scalloped trim detail on the sole, and a logo print on the heel. These sneakers are incredibly stylish and versatile, pairing well with a range of outfits, from casual jeans and a t-shirt to a dress or skirt.

The combination of style, comfort and quality make the Chloe Lauren Low Top Sneakers an excellent investment piece for anyone looking to explore Paris (and beyond) in style.

#9. Isabel Marant Beth Velcro

10 Best Walking Shoes for Paris: Stylish Sneakers Parisians are wearing right now! | #BestWalkingShoes #WhiteSneakers #StreetStyle #ParisianSneakers

Isabel Marant is a French fashion label known for its elegantly bohemian look. Isabel Marant sneakers feature a sleek, minimalist design that immediately elevates the look. The velcro closure adds a touch of practicality to the sneakers while providing a unique and stylish element to the overall design. The sneakers are also available in various colors and materials, allowing you to choose the perfect pair to complement your style.

Are you willing to invest in a versatile and stylish pair of shoes that you can wear throughout your trip to Paris and beyond? Isabel Marant Beth Velcro can add a touch of French chic to any outfit while prioritizing comfort and practicality.

#10. Saint Laurent Andy Logo-print Leather

10 Best Walking Shoes for Paris: Stylish Sneakers Parisians are wearing right now! | #BestWalkingShoes #WhiteSneakers #StreetStyle #ParisianSneakers

Saint Laurent Andy Logo-print Leather‘s sleek and trendy design makes them an excellent choice for fashion-conscious travelers. The recognizable logo print adds a subtle element to the sneakers and adds a touch of luxury to any outfit. The pair is quite pricey; however, if you are in the market for comfortable luxury sneakers, it is excellent for exploring the city in style.





Have you found your shoes for Paris yet? I want to reiterate; Buy now and test them out BEFORE you wear them in Paris. When you return home, please drop me a note in the comment section to share your experience. 

Bon Voyage!