An Insider’s Guide to the Shopper’s Paradise in Seoul

Myeongdong is one of the most premier shopping districts in Seoul. Without a doubt, shopping is a must here. However, this vibrant neighborhood is much more than just shopping.

Once a residential area, Myeongdong has become a commercial and banking district in the heart of Seoul. The community played a crucial role in Korea’s democratizing movement. The area also is a cultural hub and foodie’s destination.

What to do in Myeongdong, then? This article is all about the awesome things to do in Myeongdong, including and beyond shopping. After reading this, you will get your shopping strategies down with my detailed Myeongdong shopping guide, and get a good idea of what to do, see, and eat in Myeongdong.

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15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong - An Insider’s Guide to Shopper’s Paradise in Seoul | #Myeongdong #SeoulShopping #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel

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Seoul Travel Essentials

>> SIM Card

Pick up a 4G SIM card with unlimited data in Seoul (Incheon or Gimpo airports). I always use this telecom company every time I visit Korea. To connect multiple devices, rent a 4G Pocket WiFi.


> Discount Tourist Card 

Save money with a discounted city pass. Discover Seoul Pass offers free access to 65 attractions and a discount ticket to 101 attractions. Get Go City: All-Inclusive Seoul Pass that includes 20+ must-do activities AND a SIM card. As a simpler alternative, you can get Klook Seoul Card, which offers attraction-focused discounts. 


> T-money Transportation Card

Or, buy a T-money Card. This hassle-free T-money card can be used for public transportation and taxis in all of Korea (at a discount), AREX Incheon Airport Express Train, at a convenience store, and for coin lockers. 


> Airport Transportation

Arrange your transfer service from Incheon Airport (diverse options here) Note: No Uber in Korea.


> Luggage Delivery Service

Speaking of stress-free travel, why not use a super-efficient luggage delivery service from the airport to your hotel? These services in Korea are super fast and reliable. I would highly recommend it.


> Korean High-Speed Rail Pass

Buy a discounted KTX pass for unlimited rides, if you are venturing outside Seoul. A high-speed rail takes you from Seoul to Busan in less than 2.5 hours.


> Free Travel Apps

Did you know Google Map doesn't work the best in Korea? Instead, use Kakao Map (iOS, Google Play) for accurate location search and navigation. The app supports English.

To call a taxi, download Kakao T (iOS, Google Play). Remember neither Uber nor Grab is available in Korea.

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #1. Shop ‘till Drop at Myeongdong Shopping Street | #Myeongdong #SeoulShopping #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel

#1. Shop ‘till Drop at Myeongdong Shopping Street

Let me clarify this first. “Myeongdong Shopping Street” or “Myeongdong Market” does not exist. It is not one street or market, but rather refers to the labyrinth of Myeongdong shopping district.

Although the Myeongdong shopping cluster is gigantic, it is not difficult to navigate once you get there. And it is super easy to get to Myeongdong. The easiest way is to take a subway and get off at Line 4, Myeongdong Station. You can use exit #5-10 to start exploring the area towards North.

Be warned that Myeongdong will always be crowded with tourists. If you loathe touristy areas, Myeongdong is NOT for you. I frequently shopped and got my hair done in Myeongdong until it became too hot for tourists about 10 years ago. Now my friends and I rarely meet up in this busy area unless we want to go eat specific food here. (I hope to write another article later to share where I go for shopping in Seoul.)

On the bright side, shops in this area always run special promotions, whether that is a discount or adding gifts. And they are super friendly to foreigners. Not only do the stores issue global tax-free form, but their employees also speak basic Chinese and English. (They often greet me in Chinese, so I have to tell them I am Korean.)

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An Insider’s Guide to Myeongdong Shopping Street (Written by Korean): What to Buy and Where to get K-fashion and K-beauty | #Myeongdong #SeoulShopping #Kbeauty #Kfashion #visitSeoul #TravelKorea

Myeongdong Shopping Guide

> Create your shopping list BEFORE you visit, if you want to avoid impulsive purchases. Between the crowds and promotions, you will get easily distracted and ended up with lots of things you did not expect to buy. 

> Feel free to compare prices in different shops. Sometimes you will find the exact same item or similar at a lower price.

> Research a few shops you want to visit. Otherwise, you will either get overwhelmed or distracted.

> When you find something catches your eyes, do not be afraid to divert, though. You never know what treasures you will discover.

> Bring your passport. When you spend more than ₩30,000 (USD 25) in one transaction, you are qualified for global tax-free.

> Feel free to use a large tote bag or rolling suitcase.

> Use Myeongdong Station Lockers to store your shopping bags if you don’t want to carry them. Pay with a T-money card (₩2,000 – 4,000 for 4 hours and ₩500-1,000 each additional hour; price depends on the size). You can keep it up to 1 month.

What to buy in Myeongdong

  • Fashion items: Clothing, Shoes (See #1)
  • Korean Skincare and Cosmetics (See #2)
  • Korean Currency – Money Exchange Service (See #3)
  • Beauty Services: Hair, Nail Arts, Massages (See #5-7)
  • Cultural Experiences (See #8-9)
  • Korean Street Food (See #10)
  • Souvenirs (See #15)

Where to Shop in Myeongdong

Lotte and Shinsegae Department Stores & Duty Free

If you are looking for both Korean and international designer brands, Myeongdong has two department stores: Lotte and Shinsegae.

Lotte shopping complex features Lotte Department Store, Young Plaza, Duty Free Shop, Cinema, and Lotte Hotel. Besides shopping, you can also enjoy the food court and restaurants in the department store. The Lotte complex is towards the Northside of Myeongdong shopping district, connected to Subway Line 2, Euljiro Station.

On the other hand, Shinsegae Department Store and Duty Free are on the Southwest side of Myeongdong near Namdaemun. If this is your first stop, get off at Subway Line 4, Hoehyeon Station. Similarly to Lotte, Shinsegae also has a food court and restaurants, as well as shopping.

Insider’s Tip:

Lotte Department offers free lockers during the business hours. If coin lockers (B1F) are full, go to Stock Room next to the Tandy shoe store.

Shinsegae also offers coin lockers (B1F) and porter service to the nearest station.

Myeongdong Shopping Mall

You can visit Myeongdong MiglioreNoon Square, and M Plaza for independent local brands and boutique shops. These shopping malls target young shoppers and offer affordable shopping, entertainment, and restaurants. 

You can expect a similar shopping experience to Dongdaemun. If Dongdaemun shopping is in your itinerary, I think you can skip these malls.

Also, note that there is a high turnover for brands and shops here due to the expensive real estate. Especially during the pandemic, many stores have closed down. If you are looking for specific shops or restaurants, please check the latest update before your visit.

Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center

Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center is an underground passage connecting Myeongdong with the City Hall. You can find many stores selling clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, souvenirs, and lifestyle products, as well as nail shops.

Insider’s Tip: You can try to haggle in some independent shops. (Say “Kkak-a-ju-se-yo” with a big smile.) If you want to succeed, buy more in one store and bring cash. Cash is the king!

Myeongdong Shopping Streets

Myeongdong is one of the best street shopping destinations in Seoul. Many global and local brand shops are located in the area. Mainly, you can buy clothing, accessories, shoes, and Korean skincare and cosmetics (see #2 for details).

#2. Shop K-Beauty Skincare and Cosmetics

Are you looking for Korean skincare and cosmetics? Myeongdong is one of the best places to shop K-beauty products you’ve been eyeing on.

Whatever K-beauty brands you like, Myeongdong has it ALL. Some of them even have more than one storefront in this area. And they always run promotions and generously give you samples.

Here are the Korean beauty brands with individual shops in Myeongdong:

  • 3CE (flagship store)
  • AHC (flagship store)
  • A’PIEU
  • Aritaum
  • Belif
  • Club Clio
  • Espoir
  • Etude House (flagship store)
  • Holika Holika
  • Innisfree (flagship store)
  • It’s Skin
  • J.M. Solution
  • Laneige (flagship store)
  • Mamonde
  • MEDIHEAL (flagship store)
  • Nature Republic
  • The Face Shop
  • The SAEM
  • Tony Moly
  • Too Cool for School
  • Vanila Co.
  • VT Cosmetics

If you are looking for high-end k-beauty brands, you can check out Lotte or Shinsegae Department Store and Duty Free. You will also find their best sellers in the health and beauty stores listed next.

  • CNP
  • isoi
  • Hera
  • O Hui
  • Sulwhasoo
  • SU:M37
  • VDL
  • Whoo

Hey, I know you want naturally glowing skin!

You won’t regret trying out my Korean skincare recommendations (non-sponsored, 100% personal experience):

Korea’s Health & Beauty Stores

If you prefer to compare different beauty brands, visit health and beauty stores. (Think of Sephora or BOOTS.) The staff at these stores are knowledgeable and can find the right brands/products for you. And you will get your hands on K-beauty items as well as imported global beauty brands.

Insider’s Tip: As these health and beauty stores offer many different promotions, it is a good idea to browse and compare prices. Take advantage of BOGO sales or other current promotions. Some beauty brands are exclusive, so be sure to check them out as well.

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #2. Shop K-beauty Skincare and Cosmetics | #Myeongdong #MyeongdongBeaty #Kbeauty #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel

Olive Young

Olive Young is Korea’s no.1 Health and Beauty Store, and has four stores in Myeongdong. If you are not sure what to buy, get help from the staff or go with Olive Young’s bestsellers. Myeongdong Main Store has a dedicated makeup space to test any products on yourself. Besides skincare/body care/haircare and makeup products for both women and men, the main store has a variety of perfumes, pets, and other lifestyle products.

Location: [Open Kakao Map]

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #2. Shop K-beauty Skincare and Cosmetics | #Myeongdong #MyeongdongBeaty #Kbeauty #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel


Lalavla is one of the health and beauty retailers in Korea. Formerly Watsons, the drug store was rebranded and opened two shops in Myeongdong. Some of the brands you find here are exclusively offered at Lalavla, so it is worth checking out.

UPDATE: As of November 2022, Lalavla is out of business.


LOHB’s (Love, Health & Beauty Store) is another drugstore beauty shop similar to Olive Young and Lalavla. As it is operated by Lotte, you can often find the stores in Lotte malls.

UPDATE: The Myeongdong location has been closed down. But you can find it in Yongshsan Station. 

Location: [Open Kakao Map


CHICOR is a total beauty store in Korea. It carries many high-end global beauty and perfume brands in one location. Before your purchase, you can try out skincare, makeup, and various beauty and hair tools.

UPDATE: CHICOR’s Myeongdong location has also been closed down. Find it elsewhere like Hongdae, Yongsan Station or Gangnam.

Location: [Open Kakao Map]

K-Beauty Flagship Stores in Myeongdong

You can also find many of the flagship stores in Myeongdong. If you have time, I recommend visiting these flagship stores. You can test out a variety of products and get limited-edition products or gifts. Each shop offers a unique experience only available in the flagship.

Update: Many of these flagship stores have closed down due to the pandemic. So check again before your visit. 

[What to Do in Hongdae: A Local’s Guide to Seoul’s Hippest Neighborhood] - Don’t miss three K-beauty Concept Stores in Hongdae! | #Hongdae #Seoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel #ThingstoDo #Koreanbeauty

Stylenanda Pink Hotel (3CE)

Anyone who loves pink will fall in love with the Stylenanda Pink Hotel, a concept store of Stylenanda and 3CE. After shopping for fashion and cosmetics, go up to the 5th floor to grab cotton candy cappuccino at the Pink Pool Cafe with rooftop. Don’t forget to snap photos because this place is an Instagram hotspot!

Location: [Open Kakao Map]


ETUDE HOUSE flagship store in Myeongdong opened in 2017. The store with the “Sweet Dream” concept is designed to make you feel like a princess. On the 3rd-floor Color Factory, you can make personalized lipsticks.

Location: [Open Kakao Map]

Innisfree Green Cafe

Innisfree uses natural ingredients from Jeju Island. From skincare products to desserts and teas, you will get Jeju-themed experiences here.

Location: [Open Kakao Map

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #2. Shop K-beauty Skincare and Cosmetics | #Myeongdong #MyeongdongBeaty #Kbeauty #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel


Laneige flagship store offers a 3D virtual makeup simulator to find your perfect match and Sparkling Beauty Bar to make personalized lipsticks or moisturizing creams.

Location: [Open Kakao Map]

Healing on the MEDIHEAL

If you are a fan of MEDIHEAL facial masks, this flagship store is a must. You will find all their specialty masks for face, lips, legs, and nails, as well as skincare products by Manyeo Gongjang and other sister brands. With purchase, you get a free drink upstairs, where you can rest and charge your phone. The cafe also offers cloak services.

Location: [Open Kakao Map]


PRIMERA Myeongdong flagship is decorated with the green earth theme. You can find many limited edition items and gift sets. If you purchase here, you can also make your own silk screen printing eco bag for free.

Location: [Open Kakao Map

AHC Future Salon

AHC opened its flagship store, “Future Salon,” in 2019. Splitting the space in half, the store celebrates its heritage as the aesthetic clinic and spa on one side and its advanced technology in the other futuristic side.

Location: [Open Kakao Map]

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #2. Shop K-beauty Skincare and Cosmetics | #Myeongdong #MyeongdongBeaty #Kbeauty #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel

All Mask Story

All Mask Story is a sheet mask brand in Korea. Its products are mostly sold online. But Myeongdong has one of the brand’s few offline stores. The brand offers a variety of sheet masks for face, eyes, nose, lips, v-line (jaw), hands, and feet.

Location: [Open Kakao Map]

#3.Exchange Money in Myeongdong

The worst places you can exchange foreign currency are airports and hotels. It may surprise you, but banks also charge high fees. You may have difficulty finding the bank to immediately exchange your money, if your currency is not USD, Euro, Chinese yuan, or Japanese yen.

In Seoul, you can get the best rates at the independent currency exchange offices in Myeongdong or Dongdaemun. They prepare a variety of foreign currencies. The ones you see on the streets are legal entities – so no worries about the forfeit bills.

So it’s not a bad idea to exchange your money in Myeongdong before you go shopping. Make sure to bring your passport!

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #4. Visit Myeongdong Cathedral | #Myeongdong #MyeongdongCathedral #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel

Myeongdong Cathedral | Image Credit: (Kim Jiho) – Korea Tourism Organization

#4. Visit Myeongdong Cathedral

Myeongdong Cathedral was built in 1894 under the King Gojong regime in the Joseon Dynasty.

The Gothic-style church has remained as a symbolic landmark in Korea. Not only because it is the country’s first catholic church, but also because the church played an important role as the sacred place for protesters who fought for democracy in Korea.

Personally, it is a place of a special memory. My aunt got married here about 25 years ago. Because it was a traditional catholic wedding, I vividly remember although I was a kid. Nowadays, you have to win the wedding lottery to wed here as it is the desired wedding venue for Catholics.

If you are catholic, you can participate in the Mass. You can also purchase religious items such as rosaries, books, jewelry, and others. If you are not a catholic, enjoy the environment and treat yourself with coffee at Center Coffee or Coffee Libre.

Location: [Open Kakao Map]

#5. Try the Trendiest Korean Hair Style

Would you like to try the trendy Korean street style? After going clothing and cosmetics shopping in Myeongdong, why not get your hair done as well?

There are many hair salons in Myeongdong you can choose from. One thing to note is that hairstylists frequently change here. So I would recommend going with the shop rather than individual hairstylists. Try popular hair shops such as Juno HairPark Jun Beauty Lab, and Lee Chul Hair Kerker.

Insider’s Tip: If you have any photos of the hairstyle you’d like, bring it with you. But be open for stylist’s recommendations (ask them to show style photos). I love to get my hair done by Korean hairstylists because they have sharp eyes for style and skillful hands to make the perfect style that works for me. 

Reservations are highly recommended. But you may be able to walk in for a haircut or blow-dry during the weekdays. 

Busan Itinerary 5 Days (South Korea) | What to do in Busan for 3-5 days + Insider Tips by a Korean | #BusanItinerary #Busan #Korea #SouthKorea #AsiaTravel #KoreaTravel #ThingstoDo #Whattodo #BusanAttractions

Trip to Busan?

If you have more than a couple of days in Korea, you might want to explore beyond Seoul. Busan is the largest port city in the southeastern part of the Korean peninsula. The marine city is a popular vacation destination for its stunning beach, coastal landscape, and fresh seafood. 

#6. Get Your Nails Done

Going for a total make-over? Let’s get your nails done. Nail arts are very popular in Korea. And it’s easy to find nail shops in Myeongdong.

Myeongdong nail shops feature a variety of design samples with or without jewelry pieces. Even if you don’t have any specific designs in mind, you can choose from the samples. Nails shops usually offer eyelash extensions and waxing as well.

For gel-nails, the price range from ₩80,000 (USD 65) with no need to add tax or tips. Reservations are highly recommended.

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #7 Relax with Facial and Body Massages | #Myeongdong #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel

Image Credit: (브이앤드) – Korea Tourism Organization

#7. Relax with Facial and Body Massages

After all-day shopping and walking in Myeongdong, you will surely be exhausted. Why not get massages and relax before heading back to the hotel?

With lots of tourists in the area, Myeongdong has no shortage of massage shops. These shops also attract local Koreans because of their high-quality, hygienic services while the prices are much more affordable than at high-end spas in Gangnam. Try this spa in Myeongdong

>> For your first-hand K-beauty experience, get your facial at a top beauty brand spa. And feel like a Korean star with a full make-up and hair makeover at a shop celebrities love. (I got my make-up and hair done here for my engagement photo!) 

[What to Do in Hongdae: A Local’s Guide to Seoul’s Hippest Neighborhood] - See NANTA, non-verbal percussion musical show | #Hongdae #Seoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel #ThingstoDo #Nanta

I dug out this NANTA original poster from the show we went 10 years ago!

#8. Perk Up with Nanta Show in Myeongdong

Nanta Cooking Show is the longest-running performance in Korea. And there is a good reason for that.

The show follows drama in the kitchen. The story is told by percussion performance, using unique instruments (i.e., everything found in the kitchen) and rhythm from Korean folk music, samulnori

The simple storyline is easy to follow without understanding a single word of Korean. In fact, you will laugh at the comical acting and get perked with its upbeat percussion music. 

>> The Big O and I loved this show we watched about 10 years ago. We highly recommend watching Nanta in Seoul. You can watch this non-verbal show at Myeongdong Nanta Theater or Hongdae location. 

#9. Culture Yourself at Seoul Global Culture Center

UPDATE: As of November 2021, Seoul Global Culture Center has closed down.

Seoul Global Culture Center is a cultural venue for international travelers to learn and experience Korean culture. The center regularly hosts cultural programs, including arts and crafts, Korean food cooking, calligraphy and brush painting, k-pop dance, and makeup classes. It also offers a complimentary hanok experience.

Location: [Open Kakao Map]

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #10 Gobble up Myeongdong Street Food | #Myeongdong #MyeongdongStreetFood #KoreanFood

#10. Gobble Up Myeongdong Street Food

When you go shopping, you will need lots of energy. Shopping burns some serious calories! Luckily, Myeongdong is an excellent place to try some tasty Korean street food.

While you can find street food almost everywhere the crowd is in Seoul, Myeongdong streets are filled with the street vendors offering perhaps the most diverse options.

You can snack on egg bread (계란빵) and tornado potatoes (회오리감자). If you want something more fulfilling, you have affordable dinner options such as buttered abalone barbecue, grilled cheese lobsters, and steak skewers. You will also find fresh-squeezed fruit juice, smoothies, and other drinks. Depending on the time of the year, you may also see seasonal snacks like hotteok, baked sweet potatoes, ice cream bread, and fruit slushes.

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #10 Gobble up Myeongdong Street Food | #Myeongdong #MyeongdongStreetFood #KoreanFood

Tornado Potato, one of the most famous street food in Myeongdong | Image Credit: (Kim Jiho) – Korea Tourism Organization

All street food classics should be available. But as these are not a restaurant, some food can come and go. So it’s a good idea to explore and look for the latest trend. (Yes, even street food has a trend in Korea.)

Insider’s Tip: The street food vendors open around 3 pm. Some open until as late as midnight.

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #11 Enjoy Delicious Korean Food | #Myeongdong #MyeongdongFood #KoreanFood

#11. Enjoy Delicious Korean Food

Do you prefer to eat at a sit-down restaurant? Myeongdong is one of the best areas in Seoul to find both traditional and trendy Korean food. Expect a long line at restaurants during the mealtime. 

The most famous Myeongdong restaurants include:

  • Myeongdong Dongaseu for pork cutlets [Open Kakao Map]
  • Myeongdong Kyoja (Formerly Myeongdong Kalguksu) for knife-cut noodles and dumplings [Open Kakao Map]
  • Hadongkwan for beef bone soups [Open Kakao Map]
  • Eulji Myeonok for Pyeongyang-style cold noodles 

Note: Eulji Myeonok of 37-year tradition has temporarily closed down its original location and is out of business until they find a new location.

#12. Sip a Coffee and People Watching

Koreans love to drink coffee, and the country runs on caffeine. You might have noticed that coffee shops are at every turn. But Myeongdong has one of the best coffee scenes in Seoul. 

Gamoo is the oldest coffee house in Seoul, best known for its Einspanner (Viennese Coffee). If you are a green tea fan, O’Sulloc is a modern teahouse with green tea drinks and desserts. There are so many other trendiest cafes all over Myeongdong to please your eyes and satisfy your caffeine cravings.

When you are sipping coffee, feel free to do casual people watching. Myeongdong is an excellent place to do that because of the sheer number and diversity of people gathered. I don’t suggest this in a perverted way. But what’s the harm in making casual observations of life passing by, right? You may pick up idiosyncrasies of locals here and there – such as the way Korean women dress, how the local workforce spends their lunch break, etc.

Other Things to Do near Myeongdong

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #13 Visit Namsangol Hanok Village | #Myeongdong #Namsangol #HanokVillage #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel

#13. Visit Namsangol Hanok Village

After experiencing modern Seoul in Myeongdong, it would be good to mix up some traditional culture into your itinerary.

Namsangol Hanok Village is only one subway stop away and super close to Myeongdong. It is one of a few hanok villages in Seoul you don’t want to miss.

This Hanok Village consists of 5 hanoks, Gugakdang (traditional Korean music theater), traditional garden, and Seoul Millennium Time Capsule Square.

Namsangol is like a folk museum, where you can check out traditional Korean noble family houses. Being on the northern foot of Namsan, the landscape here is also beautiful.

If you are curious, Bukchon Hanok Village is a modernized hanok town with people still living in a renovated hanok. The atmosphere will be different from Namsangol.

Location: [Open Kakao Map]

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #14 Go up the N Seoul Tower | #Myeongdong #Namsan #NSeoulTower #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel

N Seoul Tower at night | Image Credit: (IR Studio) – Korea Tourism Organization

#14. Go up the N Seoul Tower

Take the Namsan Cable Car to enjoy a panoramic view of Seoul while going up to the N. Seoul Tower (formerly Namsan Tower). The best time to visit here is in the evening when Seoul lit up

The iconic landmark in Seoul is a popular dating spot. Once you get there, you will see thousands of love locks placed by couples who declared their eternal love. You can buy locks and pens there, or better yet at Namdaemun Market (see #15). 

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #14 Go up the N Seoul Tower | #Myeongdong #Namsan #NSeoulTower #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel

Love Locks in front of N Seoul Tower | Image Credit: (Kim Jiho) – Korea Tourism Organization


Insider’s Tip: Do not throw the keys after placing love locks (environmental hazards). There is a key box where you can drop off your keys. Any profit from recycling the collected keys will be donated to serve underprivileged children.

The tower has a food court, restaurants, coffee shops, Hello Kitty Island, and other entertainment options. The Observatory is located on the 5th floor. 

Observatory Admission: ₩10,000 [Purchase discount ticket here]

Location: [Open Kakao Map]

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #14 Go up the N Seoul Tower | #Myeongdong #Namsan #NSeoulTower #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel

Namsan Tour Bus | Image Credit: (Kim Jiho) – Korea Tourism Organization

How to Go to N Seoul Tower from Myeongdong

Although you can see the N. Seoul Tower from Myeongdong, it is not as close as you might think.

1) Take Namsan Tour Bus #5 from Line 4, Myeongdong Station (Exit 3). Pay ₩1,200 cash or ₩1,100 with T-money Card

2) Take the city sightseeing bus (Palace Route), which takes you from Dongdaemun to Namsangol to Myeongdong. For a night view, take the night bus

3) Flag down a taxi near Myeongdong Station. (Or, use Kakato T to call a taxi from where you are.)

15 Awesome Things to Do in Myeongdong, Seoul | #15. Visit Namdaemun Market near Myeongdong to buy affordable souvenirs | #NamdaemunMarket #SeoulShopping #visitSeoul #TravelKorea #AsiaTravel

#15. Shop Souvenirs in Namdaemun Market

Head over to Namdaemun Market if you truly want to shop ‘till you drop. Namdaemun shopping will be much different from Myeongdong shopping, though. (Good excuse to shop more, eh?)

Namdaemun Market is the largest traditional market with a long tradition in Korea. Whatever you need to buy, you will find it in Namdaemun. Look for cheap clothing, socks, hanbok, umbrellas, jewelry, stationery, flowers, electronics, ceramics, kitchenware, souvenirs, furniture, bedding, home goods, etc.

Your best bet here is the unique souvenirs you can bring home. Namdaemun is both a wholesale and retail market. While you may be able to find the same items in other markets or shops in Korea, you will most likely find the cheapest in Namdaemun.

If you have done so much shopping and need an extra luggage space, you can buy a suitcase in Namdaemun as well.

Location: [Open Kakao Map]

>> Namdaemun is a gigantic market with a labyrinth of shops and eateries. For a more efficient visit, consider joining this Namdaemun market tour that also covers a royal palace and the Insadong crafts market.


Where to Stay in Myeongdong

Luxury: The Plaza Seoul, Autograph Collection

THE PLAZA Seoul, Autograph Collection (5*) is an ultrachic hotel in the buzzing neighborhood of Seoul. The luxury boutique business hotel features stylish designs and top-notch amenities. Its ideal location provides excellent convenience for both business and leisure travelers. >>Compare Rates to Book: BookingAgoda 

>> Consider Lotte Hotel Seoul [BookingAgoda] or Westin Chosun Hotel [BookingAgoda] for other luxury accommodation in Myeongdong.


Upscale: L7 Myeongdong by LOTTE

L7 Myeongdong by LOTTE (4*) is a chic contemporary hotel in central Seoul. It is a popular choice among tourists and the local staycationers for its super convenient location – only a minute’s walk from Myeongdong subway station – and stylish interior designs. Enjoy the view of N. Seoul Tower! >> Compare Rates to Book: BookingAgoda 

>> For a unique stay, L’Escape Hotel [BookingAgoda] is a design hotel decorated with a French Burlesque theme. 


Mid-Range: Nine Tree Premier Myeongdong

Nine Tree Premier Myeongdong (4*) is an excellent-value boutique hotel near Myeongdong subway station. This polished hotel offers bright rooms and a gorgeous city or Namsan view. >> Compare Rates to Book:  BookingAgoda

>> Other similar choices include The Stay Hotel Myeongdong [BookingAgoda] and Creto Hotel Myeongdong [BookingAgoda].


Budget: Philstay Myeongdong

Philstay Myeongdong (2*)  is a new establishment in the central area of Myeongdong. This casual hotel features a modern earthy-tone room and a complimentary breakfast. It is an excellent accommodation for budget travelers. >> Compare Rates to Book: BookingAgoda

>> The brand also has a female-only dormitory Philstay Myeongdong Boutique [BookingAgoda].

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