Delft is one of my favorite small towns in the Netherlands. Most known for its Delftware, the city is decorated with beautiful blue-tile walls. Its city center is small enough to walk around and get lost in canal rings, soaking in the laidback yet lively vibes.

A day trip to Delft is super easy from Rotterdam or Amsterdam. This charming little Dutch town is only a 15-minute away from Rotterdam or less than an hour from Amsterdam.

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Day Trip to Delft from Amsterdam or Rotterdam | Delft Blue, The Girl with a Pearl Earring (Johannes Vermeer), and more. #DelftBlue #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands #TravelEurope

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How to Get to Delft

Delft Train Station

Beautiful, modern and clean Delft train station

The Netherlands is a great country to travel by train. Most cities can be reached within three hours. I highly recommend downloading the NS app [iOSGooglePlay]. You can purchase tickets and get disruption notifications, which happens more often than you expect. By getting a digital pass through the app, you can also save on additional charges for paper tickets (€1 per ticket).

As the Dutch does, of course, you can also ride bicycles on the country’s well-established cycling routes.

Delft from Amsterdam

By Train: Take an intercity train from Amsterdam Centraal to Delft (€14.50). It takes about 1 hour.

By Private Car: Hire a private tour anywhere in the Netherlands.  

Delft from Rotterdam 

By Train: Take an intercity or Sprinter train from Rotterdam Centraal to Delft (€3.70). It takes about 15 minutes.

By Bicycle: It’s about 15km, taking about 1 hour.

By Private Car: Hire a private tour anywhere in the Netherlands.  

>> On a time crunch? See all Delft highlights (or this history & culture tour) in a half-day and learn about Dutch history, Johannes Vermeer, Delft Blue and the New Church (includes entrance ticket).

What to Do in Delft in One Day

How to spend one day in Delft - Oude Kerk Delft (Old Church) | #DelftBlue #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands #TravelEurope

#1. Oude Kerk Delft (Old Church)

The Old Church Delft was founded in 1246. Over the centuries, the Medieval church had developed into a gothic basilica. It is best known for its massive 9-ton bell and a leaning brick tower.

Inside the church features three pipe organs and stained glass windows. Although the original stained glass window was shattered in fire and explosion in the 17th century, the newly installed window features vivid colors and tells biblical stories.

Interesting fact: The Dutch painter Vermeer is buried here.  

Admission: Valid at both New & Old Churches: €6.50 [Book your ticket here] 

Location: [Open Google Map]

Hours: Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm | Mon-Friday: 11 am – 5 pm (Closed at 4 pm Nov. – Jan.) 

How to spend one day in Delft - Nieuwe Kerk Delft (New Church) | #DelftBlue #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands #TravelEurope

#2. Nieuwe Kerk Delft (New Church) 

The New Church is a Protestant church in Delft built in 1351. William of Orange, known as Father of the Fatherland in the Netherlands, is the ancestor of the Dutch monarchy. Since William of Orange, almost all deceased Dutch royal family has been interred in the royal crypts at the New Church Delft. 

Besides the historical significance, it’s worthwhile to climb up the tower. The New Church Tower is the tallest building in the city, featuring a panoramic view.

Admission: Valid at both New & Old Churches: €6.50 [Book your ticket here] €10 for Church + Tower Combo, €5.50 for Tower only.

Location: [Open Google Map]

Hours: Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm | Mon-Friday: 11 am – 5 pm (Closed at 4 pm Nov. – Jan.) 

How to spend one day in Delft - Stadhuis van Delft (City Hall) | #DelftBlue #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands #TravelEurope

#3. Stadhuis van Delft

This restored 17th-century building was built by architect Hendrik de Keyser. Currently, it serves as a city hall. While I am unsure if it is open to the public other than administrative needs, you can appreciate the exterior with stonework and red shuttered windows.

Also, the surrounding area is filled with cozy cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. 

Location: [Open Google Map]

How to spend one day in Delft - De Markt Delft (Market Square) | #DelftBlue #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands #TravelEurope

#4. De Markt (Market Square)

The main square in Delft is called de Markt. Both Nieuwe Kerk and Stadhuis are located in Market Square.

Thursday is the market day in Delft. This weekly market draws hundreds of visitors from all over the country. Typically, vendors sell cheese, produces, bread, fish, antiques, souvenirs, etc. Head over to Brabantse Turfmarkt (canal) for flowers.

On Saturdays, there is also a smaller market near Brabantse Turfmarkt.

Location: [Open Google Map]

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How to spend one day in Delft - Vermeer Centrum Delft - The Girl with a Pearl Earring & Milkmaid | #DelftBlue #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands #TravelEurope

#5. Vermeer Centrum Delft 

Johannes Vermeer is one of the greatest Dutch Golden Age painters. Although he did not leave many paintings behind, some of his paintings are masterpieces in art history. His most famous paintings include The Girl with a Pearl Earring (1665) and The Milkmaid (1658).

The Dutch master was born in Delft. He portrayed the middle-class lives and cityscapes of Delft. So it is only natural to have a museum dedicated to him in his hometown, although all of Vermeer’s paintings in this museum are replicas. (His original paintings are at Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam>>.)

However, if you are curious about the lighting techniques Vermeer used in his paintings and the science behind it, visiting the museum would be an interesting experience for you.

Admission: €10 [Book your ticket here] or €8 with museumkaart/student card. €6 for age 12-17. Free up to age 11.

Location: [Open Google Map]

Hours: 11 am – 4 pm everyday (From April 1, 2022, 10 am – 5 pm)

How to spend one day in Delft - Royal Delft Museum | #DelftBlue #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands #TravelEurope

#6. Royal Delft Museum (Delft Blue Factory)

In 1602, the potters gathered in Delft to start reproducing Chinese porcelain, the latest pottery trend. Between 1600 and 1800, Delft became the most essential pottery producer in Europe. At that time, collecting Delft Blue pottery was popular among affluent families. 

Unfortunately, Delft Blue went out of fashion, and many factories closed down. Royal Delft is the last remaining earthenware factory in Delft from its original 17th-century location that still produces Delft Blue using the traditional method. 

Royal Delft Museum officially received the museum status in 2021 and is currently undergoing renewal and expansion. It is definitely worth stopping by to appreciate the craftsmanship and learn how the iconic Delft Blue is handmade and handprinted.

(I actually visited De Delftse Pauw, another Delftware factory. I joined a personal 15-minute tour where I got to see a demonstration of how Delftware was made and masters hand painting the pottery. Ever since, De Delftse Pauw factory was shut down.) 

Insider’s Tip: You may get a sticker shock when purchasing Delftware. Although Delftware was inspired by the Chinese blue and white pottery, you don’t want to buy cheap souvenir pottery produced in factories in China. The true Delftware comes with an authenticity certificate.  

Admission: €11.50 [Book your visit here.] Free with museumkaart or Rotterdam Pass. €8.75 for age 13-18. Free up to age 12.

Location: [Open Google Map]

Hours: 10 am – 5 pm

>> Hey, if you are going to Brussels, Delft is an excellent day trip destination. When the tulips bloom from early April to mid-May, explore Keukenhof and Delft together.

Day Trip to Delft from Amsterdam or Rotterdam | Delft Blue, The Girl with a Pearl Earring (Johannes Vermeer), and more. #DelftBlue #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands #TravelEurope

I’m obsessed with Delft Blue pottery. I loved exploring the small alleyways of Delft to find blue & white tiled walls and adorable delftware souvenirs.


Where to Eat in Delft

Diamond Ring Bakery

Where to Eat in Delft | #DelftFood #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands

Where to Eat in Delft | #DelftFood #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands

Perhaps you can start a day with breakfast at Diamond Ring Bakery (Stadsbakkerij de Diamanten Ring). I recommend checking out this cute local bakery with a long tradition. Greeted by kind people, this place offers delicious baked goods. If you like sweet, try apple flap. If you prefer savory, try pig in a blanket.  

Location: [Open Google Map]

Hours: 8 am – 6 pm

‘t Postkantoor

Where to Eat in Delft | #DelftFood #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands

As you may guess from its name, ‘t Postkantoor used to be a post office. Now it’s a cozy cafe with great lunch options. While the indoor area is pretty, sunny days call for eating out on its terrace with swings and comfortable couches. 

Where to Eat in Delft | #DelftFood #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands

The gouda cheese sandwich was excellent. The shop also brews its own beer.  

Location: [Open Google Map]

Hours: 9:30 am – 10 pm

I personally haven’t had a chance to visit the following establishments. But they came up on my research before travel. They looked great and had fantastic reviews. I would like to share in case you want more options.


A highly praised cute European cafe along the Delft canal. It offers excellent selections of dutch pancakes, lunch, desserts, tea and coffee. 

Location: [Open Google Map]

Hours: 9 am – 5 pm

Galerie ‘Uit De Kunst’

A lovely cafe with an indoor backyard starring the parrots. Many recommend cakes and coffee. 

Location: [Open Google Map]

Hours: 10 am – 6 pm (Closed on Mon. & Tues.)


A charming brunch cafe with vegan-friendly food and desserts. This place can get busy on weekends. Put down your name early!

Location: [Open Google Map]

Hours: 8:30 am – 5 pm (Closed on Tues.)

Bierhauis De Klomp

The oldest beerhouse in Delft with a lovely canal view. It is located close to the Delft Station and can be your last stop of the day trip before dashing out. 

Location: [Open Google Map]

Hours: Tuesday – Wednesday 4-10 pm  Thursday – Saturday 3-10 pm (Closed on Sun. & Mon.)

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Day Trip to Delft from Amsterdam or Rotterdam | Delft Blue, The Girl with a Pearl Earring (Johannes Vermeer), and more. #DelftBlue #theNetherlandsTravel #smalltownsNetherlands #TravelEurope

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