Thirsty Skin? Try These Game-changing Korean Serums for Glowing Skin!

As I continue my Korean Skincare series, this article covers the 6 Best Korean Serums for Dry Skin. 

Serums are a critical part of daily skincare steps, ideally applied after toner and before lotion or moisturizer. As they contain a concentrated dose of active ingredients, they are highly effective, whether boosting hydration, fighting the signs of aging, or brightening the skin tone. 

In my opinion, the most significant benefit of serums is to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. If you have dry and rough skin, double down on your moisture game with a serum to get the glowing, radiant skin back!

While most beauty regimens gradually enhance your skin condition, you can almost instantaneously feel the improvement when using the proper serum. I was ecstatic that my face no longer felt tight after switching the serum for one day!  

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6 Best Korean Serums for Dry Skin | Try this game-changing serums for glowing skin! | #Kbeauty #koreanserum #dryskin #koreanskincare

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How I Chose Korean Skin Care for Dry Skin

How did I select Korean skin care products to improve my dry skin?

After all, I am not a dermatologist or chemist. Like most of you, I learned what works best for my dry skin after trial and error. I tested and used all of the recommended serums in this post. I researched and spent my money to try many more products before I shared only a few efficient and effective products with you.

This is a non-sponsored post based on 100% personal experience. All opinions are my own. But I may earn small commissions if you buy through affiliate links. (And I thank you for your support!)

Also, rest assured, I guarantee all my recommended Korean serums do not contain harsh chemicals. I checked their ingredients via this app (only supports Korean; iOSGoogle Play) and cross-checked with EWG’s Toxic 20 list.

Nonetheless, as for the general rule of thumb, if you see any irritation, stop using the product immediately and see a dermatologist as needed.

By the way, I stick to this 5-step daily skincare routine: cleanser skin toner eye cream serum moisturizer. Once or twice a week, I would add facial masks.

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6 Best Korean Serums for Dry Skin | Try this game-changing serums for glowing skin! | #Kbeauty #koreanserum #dryskin #koreanskincare

Best Korean Serums for Dry Skin

6 Best Korean Serums for Dry Skin | COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule | #Kbeauty #koreanserum  #dryskin #koreanskincare

#1. COSRX Propolis Ampoule

COSRX Propolis Ampoule is an all-season, lightweight moisturizing serum for dry skin. The whopping 83.25% propolis and honey extract deeply hydrates the skin and soothes irritations. Its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties also make this an excellent choice for sensitive, acne-prone skin.

It is claimed to reduce redness, heal stressed skin and give a radiant glow. I was impressed that a lightweight serum with a watery texture can keep my skin hydrated all day without leaving any tight sensation.

If you want a lightweight serum that is also light on your wallet, give the COSRX Propolis Ampoule a try.

Type: Non-sticky Lightweight Ampoule

Key Ingredients: 72.6% Black Bee Propolis Extract, 10.7% Honey Extract, 0.1% Panthenol

Recommended for: Day & Night, All Seasons, Age 20+

6 Best Korean Serums for Dry Skin | CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule Serum | #Kbeauty #koreanserum #dryskin #koreanskincare

#2.CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule Serum

CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule Serum is another propolis-based serum I recommend for dry skin. In case you are unfamiliar, CNP Laboratory is a reputable K-beauty brand created by Korean dermatologists.

It was the first propolis serum I used. When I complained about dry skin to a Korean friend, she let me try hers. It was amazing how my facial skin did not feel tight after just a one-day trial. I immediately bought one and many bottles afterward.

Compared to COSRX, CNP serum has a slightly gooey texture, although both are not sticky. Also, while both products do not use any ‘Toxic Twenty’ ingredients, CNP Propolis Ampule contains some fragrances that sensitive skin may want to avoid.

Type: Lightweight Ampoule

Key Ingredients: Propolis Extract

Recommended for: Day & Night, All Seasons, Age 20+

6 Best Korean Serums for Dry Skin | Beplain Multi Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule | #Kbeauty #koreanserum  #dryskin #koreanskincare

#3. Beplain Multi Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule

You may have heard of hyaluronic acid if you are in the know. Many other moisturizers seem to contain hyaluronic acid, so how does Beplain stand out?

Beplain is a clean, sustainable beauty brand in Korea. Besides exclusively containing sustainable ingredients, Beplain Multi Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule uses hyaluronic acid of three different molecule sizes to lock in moisture. And snow mushroom extract increases natural hyaluronic acid to give the skin a more radiant and dewy glow look.

The serum is absorbed well despite its thick, dense consistency. But note that I generally prefer a more viscous formula serum for long-lasting hydration, which may or may not be your preference.

Type: Thick Viscous Ampoule

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Agave Tequilana Leaf Extract, Snow Mushroom Extract

Recommended for: Morning & Night, All Seasons, Age 20+

6 Best Korean Serums for Dry Skin | Torriden Dive-In Serum | #Kbeauty #koreanserum #dryskin #koreanskincare

#4. Torriden Dive-In Serum

Torriden is another natural and vegan skincare brand popular in Korea. The brand is committed to using certified vegan, cruelty-free ingredients and FSC-certified packaging.

Dive-In Serum is infused with five types of low-molecular hyaluronic acid designed to penetrate deep into the skin and absorb quickly, hence the watery, lightweight texture.

Because of its light formula and cooling effect, Torriden Dive In Serum is ideal for summer for dry skin and all seasons for normal to oily skin. I have dry skin but live in a highly humid climate. In summer, I love how it is refreshing yet hydrating. This serum is a perfect choice if you are not a fan of stickiness in thick moisturizers.

Type: Watery, Lightweight Ampoule

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Allanntoin

Recommended for: Morning & Night, All Seasons, Age 20+

6 Best Korean Serums for Dry Skin | Ample:N Ceramide Shot | #Kbeauty #koreanserum  #dryskin #koreanskincare

#5. Ample:N Ceramide Shot Ampoule

Unless you are a K-beauty fanatic, you probably have never heard of Ample:N Ceramide Shot Ampoule by Coreana. Me neither, until I stumbled upon it. And I am glad I tried it.

Like its name, Ample:N is packed with a high concentration (50,000ppm) of Cera Complex, which deeply moisturizes the skin and strengthens a barrier. I love its gigantic 100ml package and price point. In contrast to other typically tiny bottles of serums, I feel comfortable applying generous amounts as I like!

Ample:N is more appropriate for age 30+ only because of its anti-aging benefits, such as wrinkle reduction and repairs. I do not see any harm in starting early, though.

Type: Milky Lightweight Serum

Key Ingredients: Ceramide, Arctigenin, Allantoin

Recommended for: Day & Night, All Seasons, Age 30+

6 Best Korean Serums for Dry Skin | ISOI Intensive Anti-Aging Program | #Kbeauty #koreanserum #dryskin #koreanskincare


#6. ISOI Intensive Perfect Anti-Aging Program

ISOI Intensive Perfect Anti-Aging Program is a splurge-worthy anti-aging serum I highly recommend for dry, sensitive skin! All natural, EWG-verified ingredients are highly concentrated in a small bottle. Two-three drops are all it takes to keep the skin deeply moisturized and nourished.

A few years ago, I got my skin tested and diagnosed with severely dry skin at a local department store. After seeing the horrible image of the skin with spots and rough patches under the microscope, I almost pulled out my credit card to pay USD 100+ for the recommended serum. Instead, I ended up trying out this ISOI product after my research. I could immediately feel improvements in a week. I revisited the department store three months later to get a complimentary check-up. I sang the triumph inside after seeing the surprise on the face of the sales lady.

This tiny yet powerful serum is expensive. But given the high price tag of other comparable products, it is almost a bargain. If you are still in your 20s, save money because it is probably overkill. On the other hand, for ladies in their 40s and up, it is a worthy investment to address skin concerns like dehydration and aging.

Type: Thick Viscous Ampoule

Key Ingredients: EWG Verified; Bulgarian Rose Oil, Oyster Mushroom Ferment Filtrate,  Niaouli Oil, Olive Fruit Oil

Recommended for: Night, Age 40s+, Safe for sensitive skin

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Lastly, do not expect dramatic changes overnight. Although I mentioned earlier, I immediately felt the improvement after using a serum because it was the right product for me; however, your experience could be different. As my beauty guru mom always says, you are investing in your skin for ten years later. So don’t be disappointed. Keep your skin hydrated, and your less wrinkly face will thank you years later. 

To Your Glowing Skin!