A Local’s Guide to Kaohsiung Restaurants & Bars

After exploring the Kaohsiung food scene one more year since my last post, I’m excited to announce the updated Kaohsiung restaurants list. This growing list of best food and drinks in Kaohsiung covers hidden gems only locals know. 

My Kaohsiung food guide includes best restaurants in Kaohsiung in the following categories: Taiwanese breakfast, home cooking, dim sum, sushi, hot pot, beef noodle soup, guabao, seafood, Taiwanese grill, and vegetarian food. Besides the new categories and restaurants, I have also added a new section to introduce international flavors – including Italian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Indian. For those who are thirsty, don’t forget to scrawl down to see select Kaohsiung bars

My hubby (a.k.a. the Big O) and I appreciate good food. We love trying new restaurants and finding hidden gems in Kaohsiung. This list is selected based on our subjective review. But with this updated list, you won’t need to worry about what to eat & where to eat in Kaohsiung. Happy gobbling!

*Updated: 09/24/2019. The article was originally published in 2018.

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25 Best Restaurants in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (by a local) | Find out what to eat & where to eat in Kaohsiung | #Kaohsiung #Taiwan #foodguide #KaohsiungFood #KaohsiungRestaurants

Disclosure: I did NOT receive any compensation or complimentary meals from any of the restaurants featured in this list. This article may contain affiliate links. If you purchase by clicking some of these links, I may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Click here to read full disclaimer. 

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Xing Long Ju (興隆居)

Xing Long Ju is the most popular breakfast spot in Kaohsiung. This place serves classic Taiwanese breakfast such as youtiao (油條), baozi (包子), and danbing (蛋餅). My recommendation is an off-the-menu item,  San-He-Yi Shao-Bing You-Tiao (三合一燒餅油條). Literally translated to a 3-in-1 donut, you get youtiao and egg omelets wrapped in a flaky bun. It’s best with soy milk.

There is ALWAYS a line out the door. But the line should move fast. Be ready to order (or point at) what you want. See this gallery to get yourself familiarized with Taiwanese breakfast.

LocationGoogle Map

Hours: 3 a.m. – 11 a.m. Closed on Mondays.


Lao Chai Milk Fish Porridge (老蔡虱目魚)

If you want classic southern Taiwanese breakfast, visit Lao Chai for fresh, daily-caught milkfish porridge. Thanks to Kaohsiung’s proximity to the port, milkfish traditionally has been served as high-protein breakfast that provides much-needed energy to the hardworking fishermen.

I was pleasantly surprised that it was super tasty and not fishy at all. If you are a bit more adventurous, try fish head and intestines as well. After all, it’s keto-friendly.


LocationGoogle Map

Hours: 6 a.m. – 2 p.m. 



What can be so complicated about beef noodle soup? Although it looks like a simple noodle with beef chunks, selecting the best beef noodle soup in town is a delicate matter. You can get a different answer for every person you ask. It’s like religion in Taiwan; everyone believes his/her own, and it should be respected that way. But in the end, they are all equally slurp-able in their own mouth-watering ways. When visiting Taiwan, beef noodle soup is one of the must-try foods.

Gang Yuan Beef Noodle (港園牛肉麵)

Gang Yuan Beef Noodle would be my pick in Kaohsiung. On top of regular beef noodle soup, this place offers a dry beef noodle, which is a good option to have in hot summer. The beef is tender. The noodle has just the right amount of firmness, and they splash the noodles with a shot of rendered pork fat.

Pork knuckles, beef tendons, and side dishes are all tasty. In summer, I like to drink their fresh-squeezed watermelon juice.


Location: Google Map

Hours: 10:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. 


Xiao Wang Beef Noodle House (小王牛肉麵館)

This award-winning restaurant stands out with its unique offerings. The soup has an herbal note, which some may love or hate.

The restaurant offers many options to construct your bowl to your liking. For noodle snobs, this place offers both thin and thick noodles. Instead of standard all-beef briskets, you can choose half tendon and half beef.


Location: Google Map

Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 9 p.m. 


GUA BAO (割包)

Da Gou Ding Chun Qi Yu Wan (大溝頂純旗魚丸) 

Ding Chun Qi Yu Wan is secretly tucked in Yan Cheng Pu’s Eaters Alley. This hole-in-the-wall joint is frequented by old timers and foodies alike, all looking for quick, savory bites.

Guabao here is hands-down the best-in-town. Guabao (割), which translates to pork belly bun, is a slice of slow-braised pork belly wedged into a steamed bun with a spoonful of sugary peanut powder. If you have not already done so, you must add this Taiwanese staple to your food bucket list. Wonton soup (餛飩湯) is also highly recommended here.


Location: Google Map

Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. 



Zheng Xian Chang Fen (蒸鮮腸粉)

Zheng Xian Chang Fen is a great dim sum restaurant with two locations in Kaohsiung. The reasonably-priced dim sum here presents the traditional Hong Kong style. While classic dim sum menus are all good, be sure to try the restaurant’s signature menu – Chang Fen. My favorite a la carte item here is Fried Chicken (江南炸子雞), which is perfectly fried with crispy skin and moist meat. I also highly recommend getting a taste of Fried Duckling with Taro Stuffing (香酥芋泥鴉).

Although there is no English menu, the menu includes enough pictures. Speaking from my experience, I do not recommend take-outs because it just tastes much better fresh off the kitchen.

LocationOpen Google Map

Hours: 11 am – 9:30 pm

Tel: 07-558-8002

Di Tang Zai (地糖仔)

Dim sum at Di Tang Zai is delicious and creative. While each dish retains traditional flavor, expect a small twist – sometimes with a new ingredient or a spicy kick. You will be delightfully surprised. Make sure to call in advance to order an off-the-menu crispy rice soup (脆米泡飯). Drinks and desserts are tasty while not overwhelmingly sweet.


Location: Google Map

Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.; 5:30 – 9 p.m. 


HOT POT (火鍋)

Tien Shui Yueh Hotpot (天水玥秘境鍋物殿): Vegetarian-friendly

Hot pot might be the most popular dish in Taiwan based on its ubiquitous presence. That said, it’s not easy for hot pot restaurants to stand out unless they have something unique – like Tien Shui Yue. 

As the front door opens, a giant Buddha appears in the darkness at the end of a long water fountain with floating lanterns. The golden columns are Buddha’s arms holding up the ceiling. It feels as if you are dining in the secret Buddhist temple in the cave

You will be wowed once again as the ingredients for your individual hot pot are presented. They are not only delicious but also carefully crafted in the shape of a flower and birds nest. For extra special experience, try cotton candy sukiyaki. Tien Shui Yueh also offers vegetarian soup base (e.g., konbu) and plenty of veggie ingredients. 


Locations: Open Google Map

Hours: 11 am – 12 am

Tel: 07-343-8188

Tian Tian (天天沙茶火鍋)

This place is a hidden gem. The bonito-flake-base soup is so deep and flavorful that I can drink the whole pot. I’m not a big fan of shacha (Taiwanese bbq sauce) typically provided at hot pot restaurants. The house special peanut-based sauce with freshly chopped garlic/green onion/chili pepper is a tasty alternative for someone like me.

Vegetables and mushrooms are consistently fresh. As for protein, I usually get fresh-cut beef as well as hand-made squid fish paste (花枝獎) — Taiwanese surf-and-turf! You can also order the beef shacha stir-fry a la carte.

Reservation is recommended for dinner, especially on weekends. One meat plate is a minimum order per table.


Location: Google Map

Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.; 5 – 11:30 p.m. Closed on Thursdays.



Double Veggie (蔬食百匯)

Double Veggie is a vegetarian buffet restaurant. While it’s not difficult to find vegetarian dishes in Taiwan, the creative dishes in this restaurant make it stand out. 

Here, you can also find the country’s native mountain vegetables that are hard to find in other restaurants, even in Taiwan. At the very back, chefs cook made-to-order vegetable stir-fry for you. On the buffet table, you can go with various dishes – from cauliflower curry to California rolls to as exotic as vegetables and seaweed jelly with truffle cheese. As for the mandatory part of buffet meals, indulge yourself with all those bite-size veggie cakes and scoop some dairy-free ice creams. 

The restaurant is on the second floor of Just Sleep Inn near Kaohsiung MRT Formosa Boulevard Station. 


Locations: Open Google Map

Hours: 11:30 am – 2 pm, 5:30 pm – 9 pm

Tel: 07-973-3586

Hai-Lai Vegan Restaurant

Did you get Fo Guang Shan on your Kaohsiung itinerary? Then, be sure to stop by Hai-Lai Vegetarian Restaurant. As traditional Buddhist should avoid eating any meat, it is only natural to experience a vegetarian meal at the monastery, right? 

Hai-Lai is a five-star hotel in Kaohsiung, so you can expect them to adhere to the high standard for their meals and service. The vegetarian food here uses local ingredients and prepare in the mix of western and Chinese style cooking. Cantonese-style dim sum is also available – of course, in vegetarian style.


Locations: Open Google Map

Hours: 11 am – 7 pm (Sat. & Sun. Opens until 8 pm.) Closed on Tuesdays.

Tel: 07-656-6085


Dong Gua Yu Pang Zi (冬瓜與胖子)

This place would be the closest thing to Taiwanese mama’s cooking. An old house was renovated into a restaurant. It feels cozy and inviting inside as if it is your grandma’s house.

There is no menu; You get what the chef cooks on that particular day based on the fresh ingredients he gets. The chef-owner is hilarious and friendly. He will take his time to come out of the kitchen and chat with guests. Reservation recommended.


Location: Google Map

Hours: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.; 5:30 – 10 p.m. Closed on Wednesdays. 

Tel: 07-727-9023


Ya Jiao (鴨角)

Kaohsiung being a port city, there is no shortage of fresh seafood and excellent seafood restaurants. It wouldn’t do justice to pick only a few because there are so many. However, when you visit Cijin Island, I highly recommend stopping by at Ya Jiao.

On the main street of Cijin, Ya Jiao is one of many seafood restaurants. Take a look at the vast selection of fresh seafood at the entrance, ranging from crabs, prawns, conch, clams, squid to fish. The best way to order is to select the seafood and vegetables from the display and tell the server how you would like it to be cooked.

My all-time favorite is salt & pepper crab and crab fried rice. Honestly, I can’t remember the names of the countless dishes. But here are a few pictures of food I enjoyed for your reference. (If you have difficulty communicating, show pictures above to order.)


Locations: Open Google Map 

Hours: 11 am – 10 pm (Sun. Open until 9:30 pm)

Tel: 07-571-6325


Tan Kao (碳烤) is a Taiwanese charcoal spit grill. Also called Re Chao (熱炒), it is the Taiwanese version of Japanese izakaya or western pub. This type of restaurant/bar is where locals eat grilled skewers or stir-fried food, paired with beer or whiskey.

Many Tan Kao offers low tables and chairs in the patio area. Fresh seafood and vegetables are usually displayed in a huge horizontal refrigerator for customers to pick.

A-Hong Tan Kao (啊鴻碳烤)

A-Hong Tan Kao is a popular local charcoal spit grill. It’s loud and always happening. It’s a kind of place tourist books wouldn’t introduce, but if you want to check out where locals go, A-Hong is the perfect place for you. 

A-Hong Tan Kao is the only place I would eat chicken skin and bitter melon, which I don’t usually eat. I love their chicken skin skewers because nowhere else makes it as crispy and savory. And for some reason, their bitter melon salad dipped in a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise sauce is so fresh and crunchy!

Besides the usual beef/lamb/chicken skewers, I like stir-fried clams (海鍋子), deep-fried anchovy, chicken cartilage, grilled squid, bamboo shoot salad, etc. Honestly, everything in this Tan Kao is delicious, especially paired with an ice-cold beer.

As this restaurant is not touristy at all, there is no English menu. If you don’t speak Chinese, show photos on this page, or, feel free to point at the ingredients inside the display refrigerator. The owner and staff are all amiable and will work with you.


Locations: Open Google Map

Hours: 5 pm – 1 am

Tel: 07-312-5027


Kaohsiung International Food

When traveling, I typically go for local food because I’m a firm believer food is the best way to learn about a new culture. However, I sometimes cannot help but craving for diverse flavors other than classic Taiwanese cuisine. Nothing works better than eating comfort food from your home country to cure homesickness! 

Before I share my favorite non-Taiwanese food in Kaohsiung, I want to set your expectations. I was spoiled with food diversity in the United States. Speaking from a spoiled expat, Kaohsiung is not the best place for those craving international flavors. (Taipei is your best bet in Taiwan.) Some are mediocre; others do it wrong. Disappointment after disappointment led me to frustration and anger (seriously!). But after so many trial and error, I was able to handpick a few I can confidently recommend. 

Kaohsiung Japanese Restaurants


Tan Zuo Ma Li (碳佐麻里)

The best yakiniku in Kaohsiung arguably comes from this restaurant. Its zen architecture and artsy design fit right in the upscale neighborhood. The restaurant never fails to deliver the quality of food and attentive services. BBQ here is delicious no matter which meat you choose. The presentation is pleasing to the eyes. We came to conclude that the overall dining experience here is the best. Reservation is a must. 

NEW Tan Zuo Ma Li opened its second location near Kaohsiung Dream Mall. (Open Google Map)

Location: Kaohsiung Museum Location (Google Map)

Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 12 a.m. 



Kaohsiung Japanese Food - Sushiro: conveyor belt sushi | #Kaohsiung #Taiwan #foodguide #KaohsiungFood #KaohsiungRestaurants #sushi #JapaneseFood #conveyorbeltsushi


Unless you are saving your conveyor-belt sushi experience for Japan, you can try Sushiro in Kaohsiung’s Dream Mall. (In fact, Sushiro is a Japanese chain restaurant.) You can have a decent quality sushi meal at this “fast-food” sushi restaurant.

As you can pick your dish from the conveyor belt, it will be a fun experience. If you don’t want to wait, you can order from the menu directly. Your orders are shoot from the kitchen and delivered to your table on the conveyor belt.

Sushiro is very popular, and you might need to wait to be seated. On the weekends, your chance of snatching a seat is slim without making a reservation (via app). 


Locations: Dream Mall, 6F (Open Google Map

Hours: 11 am – 9:30 pm

Tel: 07-812-6755

Bu Lao Sushi (不老壽司)

Many local Taiwanese friends recommended this place. Despite its humorous name, the food here was thoughtful. Nigiri, grilled fish, hand rolls and everything else tasted delightful. The atmosphere is clean, bright and modern. Reservation highly recommended.

Location: Google Map

Hours: 11:15 a.m. – 3 p.m.; 4:30 – 9 p.m. 



Yoshiro Creative Sushi (義郎創作寿司)

As the name suggests, this tiny restaurant is all about creative sushi. Sitting at the bar, we had an opportunity to chat with the chef and enjoy his interesting and unusual sushi creations. I actually don’t remember exactly what we had that day because we ordered a few items off the menu and let the chef surprise us with the rest. I was too busy talking and eating that I even forgot to take photos. I just remember we left the restaurant with a memorable dining experience and satisfied belly.

Location: Google Map  

Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.; 5:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. 

Tel: 07-558-2208


Kaohsiung Japanese Food - Japanese Soufflé Pancake at Woosa | #Kaohsiung #Taiwan #foodguide #KaohsiungFood #KaohsiungRestaurants #JapaneseSoufflePancake #JapaneseFood


In recent years, Japanese souffle pancake became it food all over the world. Even in Japan, I saw people lining up to try the famous Japanese souffle pancake. Woosa offers the best Japanese souffle pancake in Kaohsiung. In fact, I would go as far as to say that this is the only place to meet my expectation of how fluffy and bouncy Japanese souffle pancake should be. It was the closest thing as to what I had in Japan. 

The restaurant has two locations in Kaohsiung: in Dream Mall and Mega Mall. If you’ve got sweet tooth while shopping, you can swing by at one of these locations. No reservation on weekends.


Locations: Dream Mall 3F (Open Google Map) & Mega Mall 2F (Open Google Map)

Hours: Mon.-Fri 11 am – 10 pm | Sat. 10:30 am – 10:30 pm | Sun. 10:30 am – 10 pm

Tel: 07-821-3465

Kaohsiung Korean Restaurants

Korean food is all the rages now in Taiwan with the ever-growing popularity of Korean dramas, K-pop, K-beauty, and K-fashion. This is great news for me who constantly crave for spicy Korean food. Unfortunately, I cannot say Kaohsiung’s Korean restaurants deliver authentic Korean flavors. (I’m super picky when it comes to Korean food, though.) Good news is that there are a few that passed my taste testing. Still, I recommend sticking to each restaurant’s signature menu.


Kaohsiung Korean Food - Korean Barbecue Grill: I’m gogi | #Kaohsiung #Taiwan #foodguide #KaohsiungFood #KaohsiungRestaurants #KoreanFood #KoreanBBQ #samgyeopsal

I’m Gogi

Whenever I crave for Korean barbecue, I go to I’m Gogi. Their thick, juicy samgyeopsal (pork belly) is my favorite! The whole grill experience is as authentic Korean as it gets.

The servers generously fill up the outer rim of the on-table grill with steamed egg and corn cheese. Cooked with dripping pork lard, you cannot keep your spoon away from them.

Side dishes include lettuce, spicy green onion, garlic, pickled onion, kimchi and mushrooms for a perfect ssam-style barbecue experience.

The menu also comes with a choice of doenjang jjigae (soybean soup) or gochujang jjigae (spicy seafood soup). If you want to do justice, pair your samgyeopsal with makgeolli (rice-fermented wine).

Walk-ins are welcome. Be sure to make a reservation for the weekends.

Heads-up: I’m a friend of the restaurant owner’s family member. 

Locations: Open Google Map

Hours: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, 5:30 – 10 pm

Tel: 07-553-9228


Chao Yue Leng Mian (朝月冷麵)

Kaohsiung’s summer is brutally long and hot. When the summer heat and humidity creep in, there is nothing better than spicy cold noodle to stimulate the appetite. 

Located in Sizihwan, Chao Yue Leng Mian serves the best Korean cold noodle in Kaohsiung. I love to pair their cold noodle (비빔냉면) with steamed egg (계란찜). It not only neutralizes the spiciness of the noodle but also fulfills my stomach. Other menus I recommend here are seafood pancake (해물파전) and spicy soft tofu soup (순두부찌개). 

Although the restaurant lacks customer service or a free refill of side dishes – typical Korean restaurant service, I would still go there for their cold noodles.

Locations: Open Google Map

Hours: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, 5-9 pm. Closed on Wednesdays.

Tel: 07-531-8669


Dookki Tteokbokki (兩餐)

This all-you-can-eat tteokbokki chain from Korea has been opened in Kaohsiung for a couple of years. I love tteokbokki (Korean spicy rice cake), so I didn’t hesitate to try out. 

If you are not familiar with this brand, their concept is unique. You can create your own sauce to adjust flavors and spiciness by mixing different base sauces. The self-service bar offers many ingredients for you to pick and choose – including diverse rice cake and noodles, vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, fish cakes, etc. 

You can also dip those classic tteokbokki mates, like fried sweet potato, into the sauce. After eating tteokbokki, you can choose to make fried rice or boil ramen as the second-course meal. 

Price per person is NT$299, with the option of adding meat (+NT$100) or corn cheese (+NT$139). 


Location: Open Google Map

Hours: 11 am – 11 pm

Tel: 07-288-8588

Other Asian Food


Lao Die Die (老爹爹)

[UPDATE: Jan. 1, 2020] Unfortunately, this place is closed after the owners move out of the country!

If you are looking for a romantic evening in Kaohsiung, why not take a short stroll along the Love River and have dinner at Lao Die Die? This cute Thai restaurant features a large window on the second floor, overlooking the illuminated Love River. Even better, their Thai food is more amazing than the view!

My favorite menus here include Green Papaya Salad, Green Coconut Curry with Chicken, Tom Yum Gung, Steamed Fish in a tangy lime juice sauce, Thai Shrimp Pancake, and Thai Spicy Chicken. Ok, that’s a lot. You may have noticed that I have a thing for spicy food. I always go for medium spicy for all menus but feel free to adjust the level per your tolerance. 


Location: Open Google Map

Hours: Tues.-Fri. 5:30 – 9 pm | Sat.-Sun. 11:30 am – 2 pm, 5:30 – 9 pm | Closed on Mondays.

Hours: 07-521-7728


Maharaja Restaurant

Maharaja is my go-to Indian restaurant whenever I crave for Indian food. The restaurant offers a variety of Indian dishes. As usual for this ethnic food, there is some spicy kick. But the restaurant does it just right – not too much, not too little – which is a delicate balance not easy to find in Kaohsiung. 

I like all the curries I tried here, including butter chicken curry, paneer curry, spinach curry, and lamb curry. The only complain is that their meat portion is not very generous for its price. I enjoyed Masala Tandoori Chicken Leg although the Big O wasn’t a big fan of dry meat.

I recommend cheese or garlic naan to pair your meal. You can peek at the kitchen behind a glass window. Like pizzeria, you will see many Indian chefs throwing naan dough in the air.


LocationOpen Google Map

Hours: 11:30 am – 2 pm, 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Tel: 07-558-1123

Kaohsiung Italian Food


Andrea Pizza

Andrea Pizza is the hands-down best pizza in Kaohsiung. If you like authentic Italian pizza, this is the place to go. Until I discovered his pizzeria, I almost gave up on eating decent pizzas in Kaohsiung. (I even had a Margherita pizza with cheddar cheese at a popular local restaurant! Yuck!)

Andrea is a French Italian, who received training at pizzerias in Sicily, Italy and has traveled around the world to teach Italian pizza techniques and bake pizzas in hotels and restaurants. All his ingredients are from Italy – including olive oil, flour, cheese, etc., as well as the pizza oven that can heat up to 450 degrees. 

The menu sometimes changes as Andrea gets creative. As of now, there are ten pizzas on the menu: Margherita, Napoli, Capricciosa, Diavola, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Bosco, Four Cheese, Marinara, and Nutella. It’s hard to pick the best from his menu because honestly all of them are excellent. (And I’ve tried them all!) But my favorites include Napoli with buffalo mozzarella and basil (my all-time favorite), Four Cheese (for cheese craving) and Diavola (for all the fresh chilies and jalapeños). As for the drinks, you can order German beers or carbonated beverages. 

[Update] Andrea has moved back to Europe in late 2019. His apprentice has taken over the place.   

Locations: Open Google Map

Hours: 11 am – 2 pm, 5-9 pm. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Tel: 0977-064-727

Best Bars in Kaohsiung

Best Food & Drinks in Kaohsiung, Taiwan | Shh! Hidden Gems Locals Do Not Want Tourists to Know | www.chloestravelogue.com


Sauga Restaurant & Bar

Are you looking for a bar with a romantic view, where you can chill in the evening? Then, look no further. Sauga at Marina is the perfect place. Besides the rooftop bar (with a DJ on the weekend), both a glass-windowed indoor restaurant and an outdoor patio on the first floor face the Kaohsiung harbor.

ArtHouse Cafe (introduced below) owns Sauga Restaurant & Bar I as well. You can find the same craft cocktails here, plus more. I enjoyed Chen Chengbo (a mix of papaya infused Kaoliang, melon, and apricot liquor with pineapple & lemon juice), which I didn’t see at ArtHouse.

Many bar foods, like buffalo wings and truffle fries, are finger-licking good. But the restaurant menu is more extensive than finger foods, featuring Italian classics such as risotto, pasta, and steaks.   

I complained about ArtHouse’s turtle-speed service. Both food and cocktails came out much faster at Sauga.   


Locations: Open Google Map

Hours: 5 pm – 2 am (Fri. & Sat. Opens until 3 am)

Tel: 07-537-1558

Beer Talk

Both the Big O and I love Belgian beers (read my memories from tipsy Belgium trip here). Unfortunately, it’s rare to find these imported Belgian beers in Kaohsiung. So when we found Beer Talk, it felt like we hit the jackpot!

Beer Talk in Pier 2 Art District is like Belgian beer heaven. This spacious sports bar has an extensive selection of Belgian beers, from well-known brands (Duvel, Westmalle, Orval, etc.) to relatively unknown brands. But no worries if you don’t already know your favorite Belgian beer. It’s easy to find beer with a well-organized beer menu by category. The servers are knowledgable and willing to help you. You can also examine the beer taps and the refrigerator wall to see what they offer.

Every second Saturday of the month features salsa dance (at 2:30 p.m.). You can also enjoy live music in the evening.


Locations: Open Google Map

Hours: 10 am – 12 am

Tel: 07-531-5511

 Hotel Indigo Rooftop Bar

Hotel Indigo is a five-star hotel located in Kaohsiung’s Central Park. The rooftop bar is classy yet relaxing and has a great night view of the bustling area. Traditional street snacks like salty crispy chicken (鹹酥雞) are thoughtfully recreated. Cocktails are fun and creative. Oolong-Infused Long Island Iced Tea is served in a teapot! How cute is that?

Location: Google Map

Hours: Mon.-Thurs: 9 p.m. – 12 a.m. | Fri. & Sat.: 9 p.m. – 1 a.m.

Tel: 07-272-1888

ArtHouse Café (畫坊咖啡餐酒館)

If your trip takes you to Hamasen in the evening, stop by this casual bar for a drink. Although coffee is served, ArtHouse is an artsy bar with well-crafted cocktails. Thanks to its misleading English name, I stumbled upon this place while searching for coffee!

Nevertheless, we like to sit on its balcony area to chill over cocktails with a romantic night view of the harbor. Bar snacks such as burgers and pizzas are decent here; however, do not go there on an empty stomach as service can be a bit slow.

Location: Google Map

Hours: 6 p.m. – 2 a.m.; Happy hour: Mon.-Fri. 6-9 p.m. 



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As I discover the city, I will introduce more places. Be sure to check back! In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears! If you have any questions or need more Kaohsiung restaurant recommendations, feel free to leave a comment or message me here. I’m happy to provide guidance.