How to Get Anne Frank House Tickets

Anne Frank House (Anne Frank Huis) is one of the best museums in Amsterdam. Visited by 1.2 million annually, Anne Frank Museum tickets are one of the hottest items for Amsterdam visitors and are often sold out. So what happens if the tickets are sold out on your desired day? I experienced just that; however, I got two passes on the day in Amsterdam. Based on my experience, I will share strategies for visiting Anne Frank House, including how to buy tickets on a sold-out day.

Despite the hassle, Anne Frank House is worth visiting, I promise! So read on.

Updated on April 2, 2024. The article was originally published on May 16, 2019.



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How to Get Anne Frank House Tickets | Strategies to visit the popular museum in Amsterdam & how to buy the hottest ticket in town, even on a sold-out day | #AnneFrankHouse #Amsterdam #Holland #AmsterdamMuseums #AmsterdamThingstoDo #AmsterdamBucketList #iAmsterdam


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How to Book Anne Frank House Tickets

The mandatory visit to this famous museum requires early planning and commitment. I first failed to book the tickets in advance and scrambled to get tickets on the day. I felt like I was winning the lottery! I was so thankful to get them, but at the same time, it was a hassle because I had to change my itinerary and restaurant reservations, etc. Understanding how the booking works helps not to make the same mistakes I made, so here it is.

Can I get the ticket at the door?

No. Anne Frank House tickets are booked online only. Many other popular Amsterdam museum admissions and skip-the-line tickets can be purchased through the official resellers. However, you can book Anne Frank House tickets only through their official website. Book Anne Frank House Tickets here (Official Website).

How Early in Advance Can I book?

According to the Anne Frank House website, all tickets are released every Tuesday at 10 am CET, six weeks in advance. Tickets get booked almost as quickly as they are released. You might have to be in front of your computer with the page open BEFORE the release time, and ready to hit the button, especially during the busy season. So mark your calendar and set up the alarm. Make sure to check the local time if you live in a different time zone.

How much is the Admission Fee?

  • Adult: €16 (includes €1 booking fee)
  • Children (10-17): €7 (includes €1 booking fee)
  • Children (0-9): €1 (booking fee)

European Youth Card discount is available. Everyone, including children, needs to book the ticket.

I have I Amsterdam City Card. Is the Anne Frank House ticket included?

No. I Amsterdam City Card does not offer either complimentary admission or a discount. Only Museumkaart (Dutch Museum Card) includes complimentary access to Anne Frank House.

I have a Museumkaart. How do I book a ticket?

While Museumkaart holders can visit Anne Frank House without paying for admission, they still need to book their tickets and pay the booking fee (€1 per ticket). Go to the official website, select the desired date and time, and select “museumkaart’ option at check out to get complimentary admission.

Should I get a Museumkaart?

It depends. I did get a museumkaart for my trip as I wanted to visit as many museums as possible. And I enjoyed free entrance to Anne Frank House with it. However, before you decide to get a museumkaart, read my thorough comparison of the 5 most popular Amsterdam City Passes.

Where can I buy a Skip-the-Line Ticket to Anne Frank House?

Anne Frank House entrance is timed in 15-minute increments. Tickets are valid only for the reserved time slot. (You will be asked to select the time when you book online.) You will be called to line up at the door at your reserved time. Expect to wait in line only for a short time before you enter. 


How I Got the Tickets on a Sold-out Day

When I was planning my Amsterdam itinerary, I made up my mind early on that I must visit Anne Frank House. However, by the time I tried to book, all tickets were sold out for all the days I’m in Amsterdam. I even tried to shuffle the entire Netherlands itinerary so I can be in Amsterdam when the tickets were available. After I made every effort to no avail, I changed my strategy to go and figure it out.

I will tell you straight. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. I lined up in front of the door to see if I can buy the ticket. No chance! The staff at the ticket line told me to try to book online every morning. It didn’t seem to work at first. I even tried to book two tickets separately so the Big O and I can split up if that’s the only way.

After failing multiple times, somehow a time slot opened up! We were able to book two tickets together. Our patience and persistence finally paid off! It wasn’t easy but doable.

What did I learn from my experience? If the Anne Frank Museum is on your agenda, make this your priority. Book Anne Frank House tickets first, then plan other things around it.

Plan B: If you cannot get the tickets, continue checking the website every morning around 9 am when you are in Amsterdam. Try every single time slot you can make. (You will need to be flexible with your itinerary.) No worries if you can’t find the ticket at 9 am. Try again throughout the day; this is how I got my tickets. Also, try to split your group in odd numbers. I saw many time slots with 1 or 3 availabilities.

Update on Plan B (2024): The above plan B was suggested based on my experience when the museum used to release 80% of tickets two months in advance and the rest 20% on the day at 9 am local time. Now that the museum releases all tickets 6 weeks in advance, I’m not certain this strategy still works. Some of my readers suggested checking out TicketSwap.   



↡↡ Follow a few steps on the website to book. It’s easy. Just be patient.↡↡


Best time to visit Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House is one of the most popular museums in Amsterdam. Given the nature of the hide-out place, it is not too surprising that the secret annex of Anne Frank House is already a tight space. All that to say, understand that there might not be much to “beat the crowd” in this house museum. However, there is one small tip not many people know.

Hours: Anne Frank House hours have changed to 9 am – 10 pm daily. It is the only Amsterdam museum to open until late in the weekday evening. As the crowd tends to die down a bit in the evening, I recommend booking an evening time. 

Nevertheless, it is critical to know your tickets are valid only for the reserved time slot. So make sure you double-check your admission time and date. I recommend being there at least 10 minutes before your time. The staff will call up the time slot, then you can line up to go in by showing your reservation confirmation.


Handy Tips on Visiting the Anne Frank House

Security is Reinforced

Once you enter the museum, there is a security check at the entrance. You will need to show your bag.

No Photography inside the Museum

Photography is not allowed in the museum. I wouldn’t bring any expensive camera gear or tripod because you will need to check in at your own risk. No selfie stick or cell phone cameras.

Use Free Cloaks Service

You are not allowed to bring large backpacks. The Anne Frank House is narrow and cramped. You will not want to carry around any large objects anyway. Cloaks service is available free of charge, so use it!

Leave your luggage and suitcases at the hotel. They don’t store large items. In the worst-case scenario, you won’t be able to visit the museum. 

Get the Audio Guide – Free

Before going in, make sure to grab the audio guide available in multiple languages. It’s complimentary and included in admission.

Look for small identification code on the wall in each room. The audio guide will provide the historical background, the lives, and persecution of the Jews, as well as the people in the secret annex. Although I knew about their story through the Diary of a Young Girl, the audio guide helped me better understand and appreciate the exhibit.

Wear Comfortable Shoes and Pants

The secret annex is small and dark. Be ready to climb up narrow and steep stairs. I’d wear comfortable walking shoes in Amsterdam in general, but if you are not already, I will reiterate you need one. And ladies, I wouldn’t wear short skirts for climbing stairs.


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↡↡ Book Anne Frank Tours Here! ↡↡

What to Expect Inside the Anne Frank House

Be Emotionally Ready

I read the Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank in elementary school. When Anne wrote the diary, she was only a couple of years older than I was back then. However, in retrospect, I think I was too young to grasp the magnitude of the event. And I never overthought about it. It just didn’t hit me emotionally until I visited the Anne Frank House to witness first-hand what antisemitism and the war had done to a young girl and her family.

I never expected visiting the Anne Frank House would be a happy jolly experience. But I also didn’t expect it to be somber to that extent, either. No one had warned me, and I got caught off guard. So here is your heads-up. Be ready for some emotional experience.

Be Warned about the Claustrophobic Space

After learning some historical background in the front exhibit, visitors can proceed to the Secret Annex, which was the hiding place behind the office building Anne Frank’s father once owned.

It is connected behind the revolving bookcase designed to cover up the entrance. The hiding space behind the bookcase and steep staircases is dark and cramped. It’s quite a tight space for eight people to live for two years without stepping out! And out of fear to be discovered by the workers in the office, they couldn’t flush the toilet or walk freely during the day. They were not allowed to open the curtain and no light at night. The only place for Anne to get some fresh air was the attic.

Although I was there for less than an hour, I was getting claustrophobic. The smell of fear and horror was even worse than any haunted house I visited for Halloween. No one was screaming. But pin-drop silence was telling me that every single person there was feeling it. The air was heavy and tense.

Museum with a Story

If you’ve read the Diary of Anne Frank, you are already familiar with the story. But I think the museum did an excellent job at curating the exhibit to tell the story. Other than the Secret Annex, expect to see interview clips with Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s original diary, a collection of photos and letters, as well as historical films about the Jews and concentration camp.

Useful Information

Book Anne Frank House Tickets here (Official Website)

Admission: €16 for adults (Ages 10-17: €7, Ages 0-9: €1 booking fee will be charged.) Online Only. (Included in Museumkaart.)

Anne Frank House Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9 am – 10 pm

Open Google Map for Anne Frank House Location





How to Get Anne Frank House Tickets | Strategies to visit the popular museum in Amsterdam & how to buy the hottest ticket in town, even on a sold-out day | #AnneFrankHouse #Amsterdam #Holland #AmsterdamMuseums #AmsterdamThingstoDo #AmsterdamBucketList #iAmsterdam


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